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Viviun -> AD-197004 :  Lush Andean Dairy Farm - 1 Hour From Ibarra - 47 Hectare Farm For Sale in San Geronimo, Imbabura Ecuador
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47 Hectare Farm For Sale in San Geronimo, Imbabura Ecuador

Lush Andean Dairy Farm - 1 Hour From Ibarra

Asking Price: $250,000 USD  (Negotiable)

Northern Ecuador Dairy Farm (47 hectare – 116 acre) $250,000
1 ½ hour drive from Cotacachi, 1 hour west of Ibarra on great highways all the way to the farm.
This is a micro climate, blessed with abundant rainfall, clean mountain air, and bounded by a clear, year round rushing river, protected from extremes of wind and large temperature fluctuations, perfect for growing coffee, corn, beans and grazing cattle.
The present farm supports a small herd of 34 cows, but there is room for expansion. This farm donated adjacent land and a cooperative Lecheria (milk station) was erected 6 years ago.
This farm is completely fenced except for natural boundaries (river) with 13 pastures that have a combination of different grasses locally called pasto miel and pasto dales. These pastures are hand seeded every winter and due to abundant rainfall, grasses are replenished in 3 months.
The 13 pastures are estimated to have a total of 20 cleared hectares. Including the pastures and uncultivated land, there is approximately 35-40 hectares for coffee or other crop cultivation. Depending on the variety, on average there are usually 3,500 – 5,000 coffee trees planted per hectare. It is too warm in this region to raise sheep.
This farm sits on an unpaved road that divides the farm into 2 sections. On the one section is a year around flowing river with owner house, chicken coops and nearly a hectare of fruit trees (bananas, lemons, oranges, avocados, guabas and mandarinas). The bulk of the property is just across the street with 13 fenced and cleared pastures. As well, there are 20 other undeeded hectares (49 acres) immediately bordering and above this farm that extends into an ecological reserve. This land is only accessible through the farm, has no inhabitants, is untouched and pristine with abundant wildlife, mature timber and additional water.
This Andean location provides an ideal environment for dairy farming as well as for growing coffee, beans, corn and other crops without damaging the unique habitat of many species of birds. This is an up and coming area being assisted by the Ecuadorian government to develop a premium grade coffee for international sales. There are now 8-10 coffee farms of various sizes in this region. There are abundant undeveloped hectares for future, coffee cultivation, which could become a significant source of income. Ecuador is a biologically diverse country with an abundance of birds, amphibians, and butterflies.
The farm is about 1 hour from Ibarra, a city of 150,000 in northern Ecuador. The farm is fully operational with owner house (not up to Western standards, but could be used as a worker house). There is continuous spring water that is connected by hose down to the owner house, used for drinking and watering both animals and fruit orchard.
Contact Mike at ; Skype 217-280-4445 (US), 096-919-5873 (Ecuador cell)
Property Registration: Canton-Ibarra, Province- Imbabura
Description of Property: Rural sector San Geronimo, parochial - La Carolina, Canton – Ibarra, province – Imbabura (about 1 hour northwest of Ibarra on paved highway, Route E35 to Route E10). Google earth does not have good definition along E10.
Deed: The deed reflects at total of 48 hectares; 1 hectare adjacent to the property was previously sold. There are another 20 hectares above this farm that have never had a deed. It is very common in Ecuador to not seek a deed and pay taxes on adjacent high mountain land. The only access to these hectares is through this farm. It appears that there would be no difficulty if the new owner chooses to obtain a deed for these mountainous hectares.
Boundaries: San Geronimo River and public road to Buenos Aires. Farm is 5 miles from E10 is scheduled to be paved at some point in the future. Road is well maintained as this is a bus route. In fact you can catch a bus right in front of the farm to get back to Ibarra.
Altitude: Approximately 1,400-1,800 meters (4,592 – 5,900 feet). It is located at about 0 deg 41’ 11.98” N and 78 deg 14’ 5.40” W
Weather: Average daytime temperature: 24C, 79F, abundant rain with summer dry season. Irrigation rarely needed.
Major Equipment: None
Infrastructure: There is 1 small uncovered drying patio for corn and beans.
Owner house (see pictures) – Cement and board floors, divided into 4 rooms; 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and living room.
There is an 8 month old septic tank.
Water is provided by a closed system aqueduct which feeds the sinks, shower and toilet.
Farm is fenced along road and boundaries.
Satellite phone in owner house.
CNT satellite television currently installed. Current package is $20/month.
Emelnorte (electric company) 110 volt electric line on property.

Farm and General Information
Geography: Cotacachi (closest expat community to the farm) is 1 ½ hours north of the Quito airport. The coast is about 3 ½-4 hours from the farm and 5 – 5/12 hours from Cotacachi. 30 minute drive from Cotacachi to Ibarra, a town of about 150,000 which has good shopping opportunities. Bus service is available Ibarra and to the farm.
Basic Conversions:
1 quintale = 45 kilograms = 100 pounds
1 hectare = 2.47 acres = 10,000 sq. meters = 107,600 sq. feet
1 meter = 3.28 feet
1 acre = 4,000 sq. meters
1 sq. meter = 10.76 feet
1 kilogram = 2.204 lbs.
San Geronimo (sometimes spelled Jeronimo): Farm is located 5 miles from this very small community which includes a small restaurant/convenience store/internet access, motel with pool, fire station, and national government police checkpoint. There is also a small well stocked hardware store. In the immediate area there is no gas station, but gasoline is available for vehicles and equipment. Propane gas trucks service the entire region for cooking gas. No fuel is needed for either heating or cooling residences due to the constant spring like weather.
Trees: Lemon, orange, mandarina, banana, guayaba, avocado.
Wildlife: Ecuador is known for its biodiversity. There are incredible varieties of birds and butterflies at the farm. There are few snakes in the area, but there are no predators or crop eating animals to deal with.
Milk Station: It has 2 part time workers and 2 refrigerated tanks, one is 1,800 liters and the other is 3,000 liters. There is a generator and 5cent/liter surcharge for paying the employees and all other expenses. The coop is open to any local residents, has a board that serves for 2 years. There are no member fees. Milk providers are paid $.41-$.60/liter based on crème quality of milk. This coop has 26 members, 60 milk providers and is open 7 days a week. A commercial refrigerated milk truck picks up milk daily.
Purchase Options: $250,000 cash (no financing available), no partial payments. The farm is presently undervalued for quick sale as farms in Ecuador now sell for $25,000 per producing hectare (without a house). When this area becomes a hub of coffee growing, the land is likely to increase in value. The value of the farm will also increase once the road is paved in the next few years.
Non-Ecuadorians have the same property rights as citizens. You don’t even have to be a permanent resident to buy property or open a bank account. Traditionally a local attorney will handle the sale and record the deed. The entire process can be handled within a couple of weeks.
A tourist visa allows you 3 months in Ecuador per year. Other visas are available to stay longer or to get permanent residency. Permanent residency takes 3-6 months on average. You’ll need to check with the Ecuadorian government or a local attorney for any additional questions in this area. Gringo quality housing in our small village, Cotacachi, ranges from $50,000-$200,000 depending on whether you want a condo or house or the size and quality of the structure. Our utilities (per month) run about $2.50 for water, about $22 for electricity and gas (propane) is $3 per tank. Internet runs about $50/month. DirecTV is available at various levels (ours is $60), and property taxes are $50/year. At the farm, water is free, the satellite phone is $9, gas tanks are $2.50, and electricity is about $30/month. Basic internet is currently not installed, but would run about $20/month. CNT TV is currently available and runs about $20/month for a basic package.
This farm will be sold to the first qualified bidder.

About This Property

Address:San Geronimo
For Sale By:Owner
Construction Year:n/a
Area:47 Hectares
Parking Spaces:n/a

Features - Amenities

  • Mountain View

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Milk Station..Owner's House..road to the farm..pasture land..

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