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Viviun -> AD-231082 :  Volcano & Valley Views, 3 Br Furnished Nr Antigua, Guatemala - Private Home For Sale in El Mirador, Guatemala
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View from the House..
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Private Home For Sale in El Mirador, Guatemala

Volcano & Valley Views, 3 Br Furnished Nr Antigua, Guatemala

Asking Price: $279,000 USD  (Negotiable)

This house was built between 2013 and 2015, but we moved in when the first level was finished in 2014. It became a Bed and Breakfast starting in January 2016, using the two extra bedrooms for the business. The name is" Ojo de la Mariposa," meaning "the Eye of the Butterfly," because the view is like that for something flying overhead. This provides some income during the "high" seasons, and a lot of fun meeting guests from all over the world. We had people from 13 different countries by the sixth month. The reviews have been very high, so the revenue is expected to increase yearly, if the buyer chooses to continue the bed and breakfast business. The listing can be viewed on airbnb website for Antigua, but it shows on the map north of the city, close to Vuelta Grande. It is also on Facebook by its name.

The home was designed by the artist-resident, Kari Lyn; all features and details are unique to her, from using hand-carved flutes of Maya people for stair railings, recycled wine and beer bottles to make three of the windows, to cement poured countertops, and leftover materials of construction for doors, cabinets, and indirect lighting fixtures. Many large windows on both floors allow spectacular vistas of the surrounding countryside. The lights of towns below in the valley twinkle like stars at night. There are three volcano views: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. Fuego Volcan has been especially active in 2015 and 2016, sending ash and lava high in the air and rivers of lava flowing down its sides. Very exciting!

The house is on a slope in the farmed area of El Mirador, five miles north from Antigua, one mile past El Hato, and just before Vuelta Grande. We have fields of flowers and vegetables all around us. The area is growing in popularity, as several beautiful homes have been built in the neighborhood since 2013, with a mix of foreigners and Guatemaltecos. Many locals are farmers, masons, and construction workers, so there are plenty of skilled people in the area to hire or help. One restaurant and "hotelito" with cottages, has been extremely popular and is located further up the hill from this house. It is called "Hobbitenango" and can be seen on Facebook as well. The visitors crowd there on weekends for the spectacular views, like ours, only more. Another restaurant opened in 2016 just below the house, so people are seeing this area as a wonderful place to retreat.

The altitude of the house is 7000'. The air is cool, days in the 70's never above 80 in the afternoons, and lowest at low 50's on the coldest nights. Most nights run in the high 50's, and it warms up quickly in the morning. The clouds constantly change the vistas; rain is whatever is typical for all Guatemala, mostly in the rainy season from May to October. Sometimes a cloud will roll over us, hang for 5 or 10 minutes, then clear completely. The best part about this climate is that it cannot support mosquitos very well. A few once in a while on a warm late afternoon and they're gone.

Shopping and restaurant choices are Antigua or San Lucas. We like San Lucas because the parking is so much easier than the tourist-popular Antigua. Both are about the same distance down a winding road. From San Lucas one can continue into the City of Guatemala for additional shopping centers and malls. It's about 30 miles and time varies according to rush hours and day of the week. The airport is about 40 minutes at a good time, can be 2 hours during morning traffic.

The interior arrangement of rooms: ground level is a large open kitchen with floating stairs that lead to the Great Room above. Off the kitchen is a hallway with one bedroom and bath to the left, the laundry and storage room to the right. The hallway then leads out to the back and goes to the second bedroom and bath on the first level. This room has completely private access and does not connect to the rest of the house. We call it the Yin Yang room, or room 2, because the symbol of yin yang is found in the bathroom bottle window, on the floor of the shower, and again outside the sliding glass door in the round garden facing the room.

The second level, accessed through the kitchen OR the spiral staircase outside, is made up of a huge living area, open and bright, and the third bedroom, which we call Romantica on the B&B website. The Great Room has three seating areas, one that faces a flat screen TV in a corner, and two others situated to enjoy the views through many, two of them in curved corners. There is a deck off the Great Room that is a roof to the carport below. The bedroom has its own private patio, curved walls, and the dressing room/ bathroom. The bathroom shower has a curved wall of glass blocks, carrying on the curved theme through the house. The part of the bathroom with the toilet and sink can be closed off separately so that guests in the Great Room can use the toilet as well. All the flooring on the second is wood laminate, except the bath areas which are tiled.

Landscaping is maturing. We have put in a couple hundred plants and trees, plus grass that is lush and even requires little during the dry season when it goes a bit dormant. We have peach, lime, and avocado trees.

Outside there is a secure work shed with tools for gardening and repairs, a work bench, and storage shelves. The lower garden is open grass, but plenty of space to have a vegetable garden, or even to add a small maid or gardener's house. The well is about 33 meters deep and provides much of our water, but not all. We have two large cisterns and two small to store rain and/or well water. Our sloping roofs empty rainwater into these cisterns. Our grey water is collected in another cistern that we use for watering the garden in the dry season. We have had to buy a supplemental truckload once a year each of two years, costing us about $70. The municipality is planning, and has the funds for, a system to bring water to this community, at any time soon. Guatemala time, of course.

Our biggest utility expense is wifi, $75. We have a dish service to a tower directly across the valley and on top of Agua Volcano. No obstruction, great signal and streaming strength. Next is electricity which runs about $35 a month. Trash pick up is less than $7 a month, and filling the propane tank for cooking, about $10-15. That's it.

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About This Property

Single Family Homes
El Mirador
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
2,000 Sq. Ft
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Mountain View
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Laundry Room
  • Patio
  • Fully Furnished
  • High Speed Internet
  • Vaulted Ceiling Overlooking Fabulous Views
  • Three Volcanos And Valley Of Antigua Area
  • View Of Agua Volcano From All Three Beds
  • Tool Shed With Garden Supplies.
  • Functioning Well, Plus Rain Catchment To 3 Cisterns
  • Landscaped - Grass, Trees, Flowers, Fruit Trees
  • Space For Vegetable Garden Or Tiny House
  • Remote Controlled Gate
  • 3 Parking Spaces
  • Mountain Air Year-Round Spring Temperatures
  • 755 Square Meters Lot

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View from the House..

Contact - More Information

Kari Lyn
Phones:   502 4551 5902
925 596-9707
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