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Viviun -> AD-240993 :  Old 1863 Hacienda - Hacienda For Sale in Bacubirito, Sinaloa Mexico
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Front of house, facing town park. Can you see where the painter, quit painting?..
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Hacienda For Sale in Bacubirito, Sinaloa Mexico

Old 1863 Hacienda

Asking Price: $33,000 USD  (Negotiable)

This house was built in 1863, and added on to in 1911. It was built by a family, that bought gold, from the many gold mines close by.

I bought this house, about 16 years ago, just to be an escape, and to relax, during the winter months.

I've done a lotta work on the house, including a new roof, on most of it. A house like this, requires a lot of work, but can be done cheaply.
I converted the original kitchen into a bathroom, and made an outdoor kitchen,
with a metal roof, about 25' x 25' and paver floor, where I do all my cooking, a built-in cement table, and counters, and a wood-fired pizza oven, that also doubles as an oven to bake bread, cook meat, chicken, etc. I can get 1000 degrees burning scrap wood, in one hour; I cook pizza at 750 degrees, in two minutes, just like the way a pizza should be cooked.

When I come down, I bring my gas smoker, for cooking that Mexican beef, 10 to 12 hours, at low temperatures. Makes for good eating, instead of eating mystery meat.
Cooking is my hobby, so I installed an 8 burner Wolf stove, that is propane
There's a small store, right next door, where you can buy soap, shampoo, tortillas, soft drinks, etc. and there are 2 super markets, and a tortilla factory in town. When I first came here, on a mining project, about 22 years ago, the super markets had dirt floors; now they're cement. That's progress.

There are usually over 100 banana trees on the property, two coconut palms, papaya, a couple sweet grapefruit trees, guava, avocado, several mangoes, six mulberry trees, over 20' tall, etc.

In 16 years, we've had one frost. All my banana trees started to turn brown, and started to die. Mari, my cleaning lady, told me to wait a couple days, and she felt the tree's trunk, and cut the tree off where it got solid. We cut 105 banana trees off at 2' to 5'. Only one died, and the rest regained the 10' to 20' original height they had in 6 weeks.

I forgot the measurements, but the house is over 100' across the front, down one side about 60', and down the other side about 90'. I built an 8' wall, to enclose the property, with a 14' steel and fence wire gate.

I think I'm the 4th owner. Most of the house is open, with no divisions, for rooms, and has 17' ceilings. I just needed the bedroom, and bathroom.

Lake Baccarac is located 3 miles away, and is home to some of the greatest large mouth bass fishing in the world. Many TV fishing shows are filmed here. We hold the Latin America record for bass at 19 lbs 1 oz. I have caught several bass at over 10 lbs.

I have one man, Carlos, who takes care of electric, plumbing, masonry and water problems, for about 20 bucks a day. Carlos worked as a fishing guide for 14 years. If you're a fisherman, he's a good man to know. He lives local, and speaks English, and has a cellphone, and will work all night to correct any problem. I have a lady, Mari Cruz, who checks on the house daily, and waters trees and plants, for less than 40 bucks a month, when I'm not around.

Bacubirito, is a small village, with just about nothing to do. No movie, no bars/nightclubs, but ocean is 55 or 60 miles away, with nice beaches, motels and RV camping. Los Moches, is about 80 miles away, with a population of about 275,000 has everything you might want. Our barber shop, is out on a lady's patio. You sit on a kitchen chair, and she puts a sheet around your neck, and gives a very good haircut, for less than two bucks... but we do have cell phone service.

If you're interested in the house, or just have questions, or comments, email me or give me a phone call.
jim Peterson

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3,000 Sq. Ft
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Front of house, facing town park. Can you see where the painter, quit painting?..
Grapes and 150 year old arches, just look good together...
In the outdoor kitchen, 8 burner Wolf stove. A kitchen just looks neat with a banana tree growing inside...
12' diameter planter with banana trees...
I built an 8' table in outdoor kitchen, and inlayed this scene. Took me 6 days, and 6 six packs...
The old kitchen. Windows high up for smoke to leave. Now it's my bathroom...
Bananas for breakfast. In back is a cross bred lime and lemon tree. Makes fantastic Key lime pie...
Papaya tree. Produces fruit 1st year...
I worked for an hours trying to get these photos right, and failed. So here is an upside down, morning glory...
3 different types bamboo. 2 years later, they were 50' tall. Note my rooster, Leroy is sitting on the light. He's done that, ever since he's been able to jump up there..
My water bill runs me 5 bucks every two months...
My wife likes flowers. I like to grow stuff to eat...
16' front doorway. I never got around building a new door...
Neighbor's papaya tree. Checkout the size of fruit,..
Bad photo of the outdoor kitchen...
I love bougainvillea. I have a few different colors...
Here's Carlos, my electrician/plumber/ mason/fishing partner/ friend, holding a 12 pound bass I caught. I know he's upside down; I can't fix it...
Mango and banana tree on right, lime and orange tree on left...
Neighbor's mangoes hanging over the adobe wall..
1st mulberry fruit on tree 10 months old. Trees grew 20' the 1st year...
This is a photo of the old kitchen, before repairing and whitewashing...
A couple time a week, I'll invite a few of the local kids for lunch or dinner. I get to tryout new recipes on them...
Making bread; I can only eat just so many tortillas...
What kid doesn't like pizza?..
It's hard to keep up with the output of 100 banana trees...
Watching and waiting, while I make pizza...
Here's one of those stones you grind food in, a metate. I took the metate, and cemented it into my counter top. Really cool...
My mulberry trees, starting out. One year later, they were over 20' high...
If you look hard, you can spot the avocados in the tree. Some times, I'll have as many as dozen on the ground in the morning...

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