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Viviun -> AD-241911 :  Hgtv Featured Hotel/Restaurant Overlooking Lake Atitlan - 7 Suite Hotel Apartments Plus Restaurant For Sale in San Marcos, Solola Guatemala
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View from The Mirador suite..
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7 Suite Hotel Apartments Plus Restaurant For Sale in San Marcos, Solola Guatemala

Hgtv Featured Hotel/Restaurant Overlooking Lake Atitlan

Asking Price: $650,000 - $695,000 USD  (Negotiable)

What an amazing opportunity! This property - currently known as "Lush" - is a collection of 7, fully-equipped, income-producing apartments overlooking three volcanoes and Lake Atitlan, called the most beautiful lake in the world by Aldous Huxley. This property has been featured on HGTV's House Hunters International!

Built in 1999, this property sits on 3 cuerdas of prime lakeside real estate. There are 7 apartment suites that include a total of 1 2-Bedroom 2 Bath, 3 rooms with private bathroom, 3 2 budget with shared bath along with 1 Restaurant.

Perfect investment property, vacation property, retreat center or reunion space for a large family that wants separate apartments. Each apartment has its own distinct character. A number of artists were commissioned to beautify the property, using mostly recycled materials to create features such as stained glass mosaics.

As with Frank Lloyd Wright's design philosophy, the Lush builders incorporated the natural beauty of the site into the buildings. The apartment known as Cascada, for example, is named after the giant rock that is integrated into the wall of the bedroom, which (during the rainy season) exhibits a beautiful trickle of water along the curves of the rock. The Lush founders had this to say about Cascada: "We fell in love in this apartment, completely taken in by the quiet romance of watching the lake and the volcanoes without ever having to get out of bed. What a special feeling! Cascada’s private bathroom is down a short outdoor corridor. The terrace and kitchen boast amazing views."

A walk through the property is a flood of color: rich green leaves and flowers in shades of lavender, deep purple, yellow, orange, pink and blue. Papaya and banana trees tower overhead.

San Marcos la Laguna, the small village where Lush is located, is known for its many massage therapists and retreat centers. San Marcos is inhabited by international ex-pats and local Indigenous Maya, most of whom still wear their beautiful traditional clothes.

The numbers (net profit):

2014: $116,000

2015: $127,000

2016: $85,000 through August only.

The owners have seen an increase in occupancy every year. If new owners maintain occupancy and the same levels of income, then the property will have paid for itself in under 10 years. Owners are including 6 Months of training.

Current staff: there are 10 great Mayan staff that took years to train.

Furnished: Furniture is included along with many works of art.

Eco-friendly: Made from green recycled materials and environmentally-friendly plaster. The property has only been cleaned with ecoproducts and bioclean. No chemicals or pesticides have been used on the property.

Information about suites (Cascada described above), in the owners' words:

Mirador: "The Mirador is our 'Honeymoon Suite', but for most, it exceeds the usual notions of beauty and luxury. The Mirador has a fantastic view of the lake and volcanoes, a downstairs living area with bar/kitchen, huge terrace, a stunning bedroom with queen sized bed and an open-air bathroom complete with hot tub, built right into the mountain. The view from every corner is spectacular.

Early morning risers enjoy the incredible sunrise and morning birds, but the setting of the sun and the stars coming out at night are just as fabulous. The Mirador is nestled into the rocks of the mountain, and is, in itself, one of our favorite works of art at Lush."

Sirena: "Sirena is our most recently finished apartment and has a modern touch. It is all views and clean white walls with a bathroom built into the mountainside. Sirena is truly a space to breath in the views, the living, dining, kitchen and terrace space offer a chance to commune with the lake and our 3 hanging volcanoes. A cosy sitting area can be transformed into a bed for a child. Perfect for a couple, small family or one person who is looking to indulge all the senses.

Sunrise is a treat in this apartment, as the morning’s colors and sounds drift in harmoniously."

Sonrisa: "The Sonrisa apartment is one of our most spacious, with high ceilings, a huge loft area and floor-to-ceiling windows. The bedroom and living areas are separated by wooden bookshelves and cane curtains, maintaining the airy and open feeling of the space.?? Sonrisa boasts beautiful garden & volcano views, a queen size bed, balcony, living space and kitchen. The private bathroom has a shower that has been built into the rock of the mountain."

Pescado: "Pescado is a charming apartment for one person or a couple. It has a queen size bed, a private bath and a rooftop terrace. This suite offers incredible views of the lake and volcanoes, as well as the colorful lights of Santiago (a village across the lake) in the evening.

The private rooftop terrace provides ample space to read, relax, lie around and entertain in the evening. It is equipped with a full living and dining area as well as a kitchen — all open air yet protected from the elements. All the papier mâché glasswork windows are inspired by an underwater concept that adds dimension to this unique, cozy space."

Cayuco: "Cayuco, a unique form of dugout canoe, are the native boats on Lake Atilan. You see these boats all over the lake from dawn to dusk. Rows of them are pulled up on the beaches of every small village and town along the shore. These charming boats inspire us, as do, the warm tones of this room. The bedroom (with a queen bed) is a warm sunny yellow painted in the Antigua-style with a giant rock jetting into the side wall. The bedroom boasts of volcano & lake views, a private bath and an antique tiny door connecting it to the eat-in kitchen, terrace and main entrance. (The tiny antique door width measures 17.5 inches/44cm, so if you are full figured this may not be the suite for you). The kitchen and terrace are bright light filled spaces with amazing views. This room features beautiful antique furniture."

9 Monos: "9 Monos is named after the 9 monkey masks that decorate this suite. The spacious bedroom has a queen size bed, antique furniture and a small table with 2 chairs. The attached bath has a bathtub and is quite spacious. The upstairs eat-in kitchen and terrace are reached by a small outside staircase. The upstairs fills with the morning light quite early in the day, as does the spectacular view of our 3 volcanoes and the lake that hold us in a magical trance until the darkness of evening. This suite features antique Guatemalan furniture."

Granadilla: "Granadilla is named after the magical vine that covers parts of the roof and terrace. The granadílla vine produces a stunning flower and a luscious fruit that you may be lucky enough to apartment is ideal for a couple, 2 friends or family. It is equipped with a double bed, a single bed, a private balcony and private bath with amazing glasswork. Granadilla offers a wonderful garden view. The (optional) downstairs combined kitchen and dining room is opened and airy. Granadilla’s windows made with papier mâché represent the lake, the volcanoes and the surrounding land with a breathtaking composition."

Alain: "This room is named in honor of the French artist Alain Galtié who created all the exceptional art pieces for this room. Each of the windows explores different flower motifs made with papier mâché & glasswork . Alain is ideal for a group or family. It has one single bed, one double bed, a private bathroom and terrace. The bedroom, as well as the bathroom, display funky paintings and designs. The terrace boasts fantastic views of the garden."

Cueva: "Cueva, the cave, has wonderful garden views and is built right into the rock face. With a double bed, a single bed and a private bath you have ample space for a couple, 2 friends or small family. The bathroom has a low ceiling, as it is built into the mountainside: for people over 6 feet tall it is not the best choice."

Luz: "Luz has cool adobe walls, high ceilings and an elegant flavor. A private outdoor sitting area, a double bed and a private bath you have space for a couple or 1 individual. This room is on the ground floor."

Please note: Most rooms are only accessible by stairs and may not be appropriate for disabled individuals.


Byron: Manager, receptionist, modern day Mayan Leonardo Di Vinci. Byron has kindness radiating out of him. He does everything to keep our guests happy. And knows about almost everything… electrical problem, water problem, need to sew curtains, hens not laying, car not starting… Byron can help. He easily learned how to use excel and his curiosity keeps him learning. Truly my right hand, as he is detail oriented and always with the best of intentions.
(Byron started working for us in 2011. He left for 5 months between February 2015 and came back in June 2015).

Nehemias: My second receptionist and self taught photographer with over 10,000 followers on instagram and basketball zealot. Creative, young, dynamic, he helps guests and adds color to their Guatemalan experience. (Nehemias started working full time for us in December 2014).

Estela: Head of Housekeeping and one of our longest standing employees… Estela started with us as a young shy girl, now she is a powerhouse woman, head of her church group, has an opinion and loves to cook. She has a great sense for decorating and is a powerful member of our team. (Estela started working with us in April 2000, when she was 14 years old)!

Maria: Breakfast manager and Estela’s right hand in housekeeping. Maria’s laughter fills the hotel. Maria is also detail oriented and always interested in learning new things. She has a young daughter and enjoys the quiet life with her family. (Maria began working with us in January of 2005 and started her maternity leave from July 2013 and came back in January 2014).

Chela: Maria’s sister, housekeeping and childcare. Chela is another strong and expressive woman who will do anything to help guests. She works in housekeeping but helped us for many years in the reception despite her lack of English fluency. She is a great communicator! (Chela began working with us in 2003. Chela took a break from February 2011 until April 2012 but has worked with us ever since).

Rodolfo: Head of Grounds & Maintenance. Rodolfo is our longest standing employee. He is a gentle soul, with always a kind word. Rodolfo started as a boy with us and is now our water and electrical specialist, as well as, in house carpenter. He put every wire and tube in the ground. He has the hotel’s blueprint in his head. Rodolfo loves to play volleyball on the court we have next to the hotel. (Rodolfo started working with us in 1997).

Victor: Head Gardener. Victor has a green thumb and a sense of garden style. Victor is a competitive soccer and volleyball player and enjoys a good tease with whoever will make a joke with him. Victor also enjoys playing volleyball with our hotel team. (Victor began in November 2011).

Alfredo: Grounds, maintenance and garden helper. Alfredo is always ready to help no matter what the task and he will give you an ear-to-ear smile at the same time. One of our newer team members and one of the best volleyball players in town. (Alfredo began in June 2014).

Francisco (Chico): Night guard. Francisco is another super friendly and customer service focused member of our team. Francisco is also a great storyteller and drives a tuk tuk when he has a little time off. Francisco has the pulse on what is happening around town! (Chico began with us August 2014, but had worked for many years in another hotel in town previously).

Marvin: Night Guard. One of our newest team members, Marvin is a young man who is finishing his studies and has this job to help him pay for the high cost without burdening his family. Marvin has a noble grace and a soft tone. He also is customer service focused and works hard to satisfy our guests. (Marvin began in March 2015).

(Staff photos in the media section of listing)

About This Property

Barrio Uno
Lake Atitlan
San Marcos
Solola 75225
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Construction Year:
1 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Lake View
  • Mountain View
  • Lake Waterfront
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Studio Room
  • Patio

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View from The Mirador suite..

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