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Viviun -> AD-246882 :  Tranquility, Peace, Mountains And A Chance To Enjoy Life - Half Acre Garden For Sale or For Rent in Alamos, Sonora Mexico
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Half Acre Garden For Sale or For Rent in Alamos, Sonora Mexico

Tranquility, Peace, Mountains And A Chance To Enjoy Life

Asking Price: $200,000 USD  (Financing Available)
Rent It For: $600 USD per month

Let your worries & cares stay where you are now & head south. We have a healthy mixed community of foreigners in a truly Mexican community with all the amenities you might need close. You will not be right down on the plaza. You will appreciate that on all Mexican Holidays, Holy Days, Fridays and Sundays.. You will have a good time participating, being an on-looker but you will also get to go back to your home knowing the party continues but not right outside your door. You are within walking distance of the central plaza, dining out, the street vendors, the hospital, the fire department and the police! You will not need most of these services but it is nice to know they are there close at hand.

That is what makes Alamos so special. There are so many artists, writers and downright talented people, they are diverse and from every part of the world. Alamos is also the hub of the Mexican vacationers. They love our town for it's Colonial charm and history. Having been established in the early 1600's, you will see many buildings that date back to that era. The Church is historic with roots in it's mining history supplying Mexico City with all it could pack out on mule back.

Reduced for quick sale due to health!! $200,000.

It is a year round gardener's dream. The garden has avocado trees that I planted with a seed I used after making guacamole, some plants the birds brought into the yard via their habit of walking the yard. The citrus produce more than you can harvest & eat! The split leave plant outside the bedroom window came with me in an 8" pot. It is well over ten feet with a 12 foot width. Everything grows even if you don't tend it like you would in your own backyard in the northern countries.

I invite you to imagine your life in color because when the plants are flowering, there are colors everywhere. The colors we used in the painting of the interior & exterior of the house reflect our love of the area, it's sunsets and it's sun rises, surrounding mountains, hills and the green of all the bushes, rocks and brambles along the water ways... The fencing is unique and so are the gates that enclose the property. The rock walls, the brick walls, the rock columns that define the home are unique in their styling designed by my brother and us as we worked to express our personalities within the parameters of the local Colonial ambiance and flavor. Alamos is a Pueblo Majico which is a designation given to special communities in Mexico that reflect the traditional favor of Mexico of years gone by. Something special we, the residents, are very proud of!!

We have held parties at our home that were small and intimate and we have had gatherings that included over 100 of our friends and their family and friends as music and art is what we enjoyed the most. You will see my murals on a lot of the outside walls, on some of the furniture and in the use of color on the floors and walls. I think you will love it!! You will find the home is appropriate for both venues. All the spaces lend themselves to the feeling of camaraderie with a magical quality that is hard to define until you feel it surround you.

It is a place of meditation, of prayer and solitude if that is what you need. But it can be rollicking with conversation, music and laughter of people enjoying the weather, each other and the camaraderie of being in a special place together enjoying what Mexico means to all of us. We pride ourselves in having a safe haven from the news that swirls around us about the things that are wrong in Mexico but since moving back to the States, my news here in my town is not much better. I find the human condition has no borders. The stories of corruption are in every paper. Whatever your reason for coming south, your politics, your health, your retirement, your get away from it all place. You will find it here.

Th home itself has open living spaces with one large bedroom, bath, closets an the utility room with a washer/dryer combo there. It has room for couches, a desk and a view to an semi secret garden that can be seen only by you. The other half of the house includes the kitchen area, the foyer, the living and dining areas. Out the front is a large landing with steps leading down to the roadway and the casita area that had another sleeping area, a bedroom, living area a kitchen in a converted 32' rv that is under roof. It contains a totally contained living area with a bathroom in the rv and another one under the roof with a beautiful view of the mountains. There is parking in this area not included in the count because it is open to the street & it depends how many pull in and where.

The official parking is to the side accommodating 3 small cars or two large pick ups. The side garden leads to the vine covered gathering area that can seat 12 around a concrete table there. There is a ramp leading to the back "porch" which we enclosed with screening. It is 25' x 20" so that we could have guests over when it was nice & stay outside all the time. It is adjacent to the outdoor kitchen which has it's own eating area, outdoor bath and an outdoor shower servicing the pool and waterfall area. It is semi enclosed for privacy to the bathers. The home is special and I have a hard time describing it adequately. I will post as many photos as I can for your review. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for reading through this, I look forward to talking to you about your plans to visit and live in this area just a day south of Nogales, Az & Sonora. 4 lane highway all the way with a stop in Guaymas/San Carlos for lunch or overnight depending on your driving habits.

It has been so much fun living here & I know that you will enjoy it also. I have many more photos. Give me a ring or send me an e mail. I would love to discuss it..

About This Property

Single Family Homes
1 Jones Blvd
Colonia Las Palmas
Sonora 89760
For Sale/Rent By:
Construction Year:
2,000 Sq. Ft
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Mountain View
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Laundry Room
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • High Speed Internet
  • Telephone
  • Maid
  • Gardener
  • Overseer
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Outdoor Ramada
  • Private But Not Isolated
  • Roof Top Mirador
  • Wood Burning Fieplace

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Phones:   5203435202  (Mobile/Cami)
5203074073  (Mobile/Squier)
6474281507  (Mexican Home)
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