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Viviun -> AD-248086 :  Fully Restored Historic Mansion Canal Zone Albrook Panama - Home For Sale in Santa Ana, San Jose Costa Rica
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Historic Panama Canal Zone..
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Home For Sale in Santa Ana, San Jose Costa Rica

Fully Restored Historic Mansion Canal Zone Albrook Panama

EXCLUSIVE LUXURY PROPERTY - $2,350,000 Negotiable Directly with Owner


(To see more photo´s of the actual home use this website and look for add 210648 to see the ad in Panama. There are more photo´s of the interior).

If you´ve ever dreamed of living in a private, luxurious, tropical, historical colonial setting located amidst beautiful garden´s and natural surrounding´s, while still being located in a vibrant latin american metropolitan city, then this property is for you.

Panama is a gem in Latin America; from the TV Series Survivor episodes being filmed in the Pearl Islands to a recent James Bond film being filmed here, Panama has been discovered by the international community. It has everything that you love about Latin America. Beautiful beaches, beautiful colonial architecture, a wonderful culture, exotic islands and beaches and only a short flight from everywhere. From kayaking, wildlife viewing and bass fishing in the Canal, to dining over the water in nearby, beautiful colonial Casco Viejo, swimming in the nearby white sand beaches, deep sea fishing trips for mahi mahi only 10 minutes from the property or simply enjoying the excitement of nearby shopping and the action of Panama City, Panama simply has it all. The most appropriate comparison for a boat trip on the tributaries of the Panama Canal would be the Amazon river in Brazil. It is simply spectacular jungle and wildlife, yet you are only 15 minutes from a beautiful city.

  • In many other latin nations, Costa Rica for example, you have to choose between, jungle and city or beach or city... not in Panama, here you can have the city, jungle and beach all in the same location.

There are 3 thing´s that Panama has which Costa Rica does not:

1) Tropical Island´s: What Costa Rica does not have, Panama has in abundance, beautiful tropical island´s. Some of the most pristine island´s that you will see anywhere in the world. Most tourist´s when they are in Costa Rica and want to visit some beautiful tropical island´s, know that they have come to Panama and Bocas del Toro, the Pearl Island´s or San Blas. Panama is where the beautiful island´s are...

2) Colonial Cites: The tourist´s also know that if they want to visit a beautiful colonial cities, they need to come to Panama, where from Albrook, Casco Viejo (just 5 minute´s from Albrook) and the traditional cities inland, Panama´s historical past flourishes in the present. Where in Costa Rica can you dine over the water in a beautiful historic, colonial city like Casco Viejo?

3) A beautiful modern city with highrise´s over the Bay. If you love the action of a modern, cosmopolitan city, then you have to come to Panama. Panama city nightlife is incredible (and only 5 minute´s from Albrook). It´s not just a ¨modern city¨ , it´s a beautiful, modern city looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Panama is known locally as the ¨Miami of the South¨.

  • It truly is a beautiful place to live and ideally suited for long-term living for the international community.
  • If you want to visit the beautiful Caribbean, it´s only a 45 minute drive from Panama City. So you can be eating breakfast on the Pacific Ocean in the morning and having lunch over the Caribbean in afternoon. This is unique.

How to Visit Panamá

  • To reach Panama from Costa Rica try flying the airline Air Panama from San José to the Airport right here in Albrook Panamá. There are daily 50 minute non-stop flights on Air Panama from San Jose, Costa Rica to Albrook. The property is less than a 5 minute walk from the airport or a 2 minute taxi ride. The Albrook Airport is where you can take a 15 minute flight to the Pearl Island´s, San Blas Island´s, Contadora Island or Bocas del Toro Islands. All flight´s to these island´s leave right here from Albrook near the property. It´s a perfect base for living and exploring the island´s.
  • The Albrook airport is also commonly used for private jet´s both personal and for business.
  • You can also fly daily from San Jose to the Panama International Airport via Copa or Avianca. There are flight´s a couple of day´s a week from Liberia in Costa Rica to Panama on Copa as well. You could easily have a place in both countries. In flying from Europe and the U.S. there are daily flight´s to Panama from L.A., Chicago, New York, Houston, Dallas and Miami, etc. is beautiful nation with a beautiful mainland and thousands of islands. This is very unique, come and see for yourself.
Property Detail´s:

  • Car Storage: Large 2 car garage with automatic entry, additional parking in driveway
  • Terms Accept: Cash, Conventional
  • Waste Disposal: Central Sewer throughout Albrook, Unique for Latin America
  • HOA fee: None
  • Private Pool: Yes, with outdoor shower and poolside bathroom
  • Cable/Internet: Yes
  • Community features: Yes, public walking trail´s, park´s, Albrook public pool.
  • Inclusions: Washer, Dryer, Stovetop, Oven, Refrigerator (all appliance´s), all furniture and finishing´s, inverter split air conditioner´s in every room, linen´s, pool and patio furniture etc.

Property Details:

Large remodeled 2-story, 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom, plus maid´s room and bath, 2 car garage home located in Albrook, Panama. Please note that this property is for sale exclusively, I am not interested in rental´s (as I get contacted often about this). No real estate agent´s please.

  • This property exemplifies the attributes of this beautiful nation. Every detail has been thought of to allow you to escape from the daily grind and to just relax. From the maid´s room, to the 2 master bed and bathroom´s, with one master being located on the 1st floor poolside and the other on the second floor. Where you decide to stay is up to you. The property has a unique, private entrance with a large privacy wall which was done in the typical colonial city style surrounding 3/4 of the property with the rear of the property opening up to your own tropical paradise in the backyard with lush garden´s, fountain´s and a Bali-resort style swimming pool. Cool off in the outdoor shower or simply enjoy your pool in the day or under the star´s at night.
  • If you have ever lived in latin america, then you will understand the uniqueness of this historical property for not only it´s superb location, but also it´s gracious amenities.
  • Simply put, it´s a beautiful, Historic Colonial Mansion located in the original Panamá Canal Zone of Albrook, Panama.
  • In addition, it is being sold Fully-Furnished.

Why is History important?

Historical properties such as this one are unique and very different from your ordinary properties. They have a charm and historical relevance that you simply cannot find elsewhere.

  • From the large plantation style shutter´s on the windows to unique privacy, this property combine´s the beauty of the past with the exclusive luxury of the present. Do you collect exotic car´s? Antiques? These are unique product´s for unique client´s. Historical item´s, old car´s, etc. are cherished for a reason, they capture an era and are unique.
  • In addition, historical properties form an integral part of the country. Collector´s of art and exotic car´s understand this, history give´s a distinct, unique ¨feeling¨ to these unique product´s. Because in the end, art and collector´s item´s are bought because of the individual feeling that they give you, their authenticity and uniqueness, along with their exquisite quality and a true luxury home should be the same.
  • This unique property is located in the original Canal Zone of Panama. This área has slowly converted into a sort of ¨colonial tropical chic¨ and what was once a Canal Zone area which was known only by the local´s has since been discovered by the international community who have simply fallen in love with it.

Location, Location, Location:

Ideally situated, this corner home is located on the very quiet side of Albrook. In what is considered locally the best street in all of Albrook due to it´s ¨supreme privacy¨ and being extremely quiet due to it´s location on a private, dead-end street.

  • This location is simply the best you can find. It´s extremely difficult to find home´s in Albrook with privacy and location, but this property has both.
  • Surrounded by tropical vegetation and beautiful walking areas which enable you to enjoy the local wildlife such as toucans, ñeques and mono titis (or marmoset monkey´s). This property has beautiful natural surrounding´s.
  • The Albrook neighborhood is considered to be one of the best neighborhood´s in Panama City and home to some of the best large, original colonial home´s in Panama and all of Latin America.
  • The beautiful área is comprised of large restored colonial buildings with parks, tree lined streets and upscale shopping áreas. The most popular beach area´s of Panama are less than an hour away. -
  • The infrastructure of this area is second to none.

Long term Rental Opportunity for Investor´s:

This mansion is perfect as a family home or to use as a long term investment. Homes in this particular neighborhood can often rent for between $7500 - $10,000 per month to the local embassies (US Embassy, Russian Embassy, etc.) and multinational companies.

  • There are people living in Albrook from all over the world. Albrook is very international with people from Canada, Spain, Belgium, Italy, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Central and South America, China, South Korea, Greece, Russia and France.... to name a few. All have decided to call Albrook home for it´s nearness to the city, it´s beautiful surrounding´s and infrastructure and nearness to the embassies and often their local businesses (ie. international restaurant´s, store´s etc.). These are professional´s and executive´s that could have chosen to live anywhere, but they chose Albrook.
  • Numerous international business people come to work with the embassies or large international canal zone firm´s with either short or long term contract´s. The international companies and embassies pay for their rental´s directly.
  • Rental´s such as this are in high-demand. The embassies or international firm´s will not rent just any property, it has to meet their high-standard´s and this property ¨check´s all their boxes¨. In addition, it´s close to the city, yet out of the daily traffic.
  • The nearness of the embassies and international community is found only here in the Orignal Panamá Canal Zone and it always will be. Here there is a very large, established international community, not just from Latin America, but from all over the world. With international private school´s, business center´s and churches this area is made for long term living. This is unique for Latin America.
  • Most international area´s in Latin America (Costa Rica for example) are based almost exclusively on tourism. However, this isn´t the case in Panama where you find the Panama Canal and very large international business sector leading the way. High priced rental´s will alway´s be in high demand in this area for that reason, there is no ¨down¨ season for tourism.
However, the rental´s in Albrook vary greatly from home to home, as each area and home is dramatically different, remember this is Latin America. If you only plan to use the home certain time´s during the year then just hire a local property management company to rent it out while you´re out of the country.

The original preferred home´s in Albrook were the 2 story individual home´s located on the main street of Albrook. These home´s originally were the home´s reserved for the most prestigous people of Albrook. Beautiful home´s, however, since the Albrook area was opened up to the public 17 year´s ago, the home´s located on the main street have become less desirable due to more daily through traffic and the Albrook Airport. The more prestigous area of Ablrook has now shifted to this particular area off of the main street and away from the airport.

  • This particular street is considered to be the ¨hidden gem¨ of Albrook.

Tranquility in the Center of ¨All the Action¨:

The home is conveniently located less than 5 minute´s from the U.S. and other embassies as well as from the United Nation Headquarter´s for Latin America. The newly built Russian Embassy is less than 5 block´s away.

  • It´s also located less than 5 minute´s from the famous City of Knowledge, the beautiful Causeway located over the bay of Panama, Panama City´s beautiful skyline, the historic French Quarter´s of Casco Antiguo and the popular Albrook Mall, one of the largest mall´s in all of Latin America.
  • It´s also home to some of the best private bilingual school´s that Panama has to offer such as St. Mary´s College, Colegio Javier, the Metropolitan School, the famous Balboa Academy and King´s College British School. Even Florida State University has a branch right here in the Canal Zone. This is very unique for Latin America.
  • If you live here you can drive the 1 hr. drive to the beach on the weekend´s or fly from the Albrook Airport to the nearby tropical island´s like Bocas del Toro, the Pearl Island´s or the San Blas Island´s... but don´t live in these areas long-term, there simply isn´t enough to do on a daily basis. You need a city... you need a city... For daily long-term living, you need more than just the beach. Renting a beach property first is a good idea if you are unsure about whether or not living at the beach is just too isolating for you.
You would be much better off to live in this home for everyday long-term living and then buy a second beach property to visit on the weekend´s and holiday´s (this is exactly what most people living here in Albrook already do). It´s very nice to just relax here in Albrook by the pool in your free time. My guess is that once you´re laying beside your private, tropical pool listening to music over the outside speaker´s, having a cocktail by your outside bar and watching the tucan´s fly by in the distance, you´ll probably decide to just stay at home and enjoy your free time by the pool. You´ll be glad you´re here.

  • Really, think about this location and this property, it´s unique.
  • Because if you want to live in Albrook long-term, this is the best location in all of Albrook.

Outdoor Tropical Paradise:

The property has been constructed with the pool area as a focal point. The average pool temp is 80 deg. F throughout the year. The back patio has a built-in sofa, fountain, cascading waterfall, moveable bar, outdoor bathroom and outdoor shower. There is a large bedroom in the downstair´s overlooking the pool area which could also serve as a second master bedroom. Also downstair´s there is a private side patio off of the garage perfect for laundry use, a large 2 car garage and workshop area, a maid´s room and bath and another vistor´s bathroom. The completely remodeled open kitchen-bar area and a living room complete with a custom fireplace.

The view´s from the downstair´s look out to the pool and the lush tropical garden and flagstone column´s. Being that the home is ideally located as a corner home with no neighbor´s on either side as well as being on a quiet street. In addition, this particular home is afforded an unique privacy both day and night with a private entrance and automatic garage door´s.
The second story offers 3 more bedrooms, 2 full baths and a small living room/lounge area located at the top of the staircase.

  • The classic colonial architecture (with the original historical shutter doors) in the 2 guest bedrooms is greatly accented by the beautiful views from every window. There is a shared bathroom located between the 2 original bedrooms.
The new master bedroom has a large women´s walk-in closet complete with a private sink and women´s make-up area. There is also a large men´s walk-in closet and a huge master balcony with extensive view´s of the jungle and beautiful bouganvilla draped over the balcony railing´s. The master bedroom also has a large custom fireplace and as with the rest of the house, beautiful tropical views. The huge master bath comes complete with a large, open rainfall shower overlooking the jungle, a spa-like tub and a huge double vanity with marble countertops and ample storage.

  • The property is full of built-in and unique architectual detail´s which are exclusive for this property. From large Plantation shutter´s, to fireplace´s... Every room, from the dining room to each of the 5 bedroom´s and 5.5 bath´s, the tropical, private pool area and to even the garage and workshop area´s, all have distinct, unique, architectual component´s.

Why Buy Here?:

This home offers the best that Panama and Albrook have to offer being situated in a beautiful suburban setting and yet still close to everything. It is your own, private resort. This property offer´s you the chance to live in a beautiful suburb in one of the most modern and vibrant cities in Latin America today, while still being able to live peacefully in a lovely, quiet neighborhood, in the best location. You will not find a quiet neighborhood downtown anywhere in the city. It is truly a very unique property for Latin America.

In addition, these colonial era home´s were all built with the large roof´s adding to their iconic, colonial look from a bygone era.

  • This property has a unique, historical feeling which you simply cannot replicate with a development. It is legitimate.
  • This property has been updated with the best of modern day conveniences with the rich historical feeling of the property still left in tact.
This is exotic, historical, luxury.

  • After all, this is why you want to live in Latin America...
If you are serious about living in Albrook then you owe it to yourself to see it in person, photo´s do not do it justice. Feel free to drive by day and night to check-out the location and please feel free contact me anytime. I would love to show you the property, after all, it is your´s... (Spanish spoken)... and remember, the property comes fully-furnished.

About This Property

Single Family Homes
Santa Ana
San Jose
Costa Rica
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
350 m2
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Maid's Quarters
  • Maid's Bathroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Cable TV

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

Historic Panama Canal Zone..
Large Master Bathroom with Jungle View´s..
Downstair´s 2nd Master Bathroom..
Vistor´s Bathroom..
Beautiful Panama City..
Less than 10 minute´s from property..
Beautiful Panamá..
Upstair´s Bath from outside..
Private Tropical Pool..
Downstair´s Bath..
Thai Inspired nook with pool view..
Living Room Fireplace..
Downstair´s Bedroom..
Short flight from Albrook..
Pool at night..
Beautiful, Quiet, Unique, Area..
Large Upstair´s Master Suite Fully-Furnished..
Kitchen, Maid´s Room, Upstair´s Lounge with Original Door´s..
Tropical Luxury Living, Pool Bathroom, Poolside Suite and Outdoor Living Area..
Beautiful Original Colonial Arquitecture..
Exotic Luxury..
Private, Tropical Surrounding´s - Day and Night..
Beautiful Pool Area..
Very Secluded Location..
5.5 Bathroom´s..
5 Bedroom´s..
New Kitchen..
Wildlife seen in front of property and occasionally in backyard..
Tropical Fireplace..
Tropical Living Room..

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