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Viviun -> AD-249871 :  Most Beautiful Beach Property In Puerto Armuelles - Beach Front For Sale in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui Panama
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Beach in front of Corazon de Oro beach front property in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
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Beach Front For Sale in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui Panama

Most Beautiful Beach Property In Puerto Armuelles

Asking Price: $32,500 - $98,500 USD  (Negotiable)

Do you already love Puerto Armuelles?

Then you will want to check out Corazon de Oro.

It is the most beautiful spot in the area.

Large beach front & near beach lots available: $32 - $98K. Money Back Guarantee & Financing Available

Everyone who visits raves about the beauty and tranquility they experience at Corazon de Oro.

“Corazon de Oro” translates into English as “Heart of Gold”.

Why Live Here

  • Beautiful & peaceful spot
  • Refreshing ocean breezes
  • Walk, swim, surf, or SUP at the beach every day
  • Live a beach lifestyle
  • Close to town and services
  • 2 weekly expat get togethers in Puerto
  • Prices vary to fit most budgets
  • Property is likely to significantly rise in value, an important consideration if you want a property with a great ROI

Corazon de Oro is only a 5 minute drive (10 minute bike ride) to downtown Puerto Armuelles.

(Learn about the charming and unique beach town of Puerto Armuelles further down on this page.)

However, if you live in Corazon de Oro, you don’t have to go into town just to pick up milk or to eat in a restaurant.

You will find all these services near Corazon de Oro

  • Best seafood restaurant in town is right across the street from the entrance to Corazon de Oro (El Rancho, aka Resturante Luz)
  • Tiny kiosk/tienda (store) about 100 yards from the entrance. It is run by a very friendly couple (Edith and Domingo).
  • Breakfast, lunch (coffee anytime) cafe is run by Edith and her daughter. It is right next to their tienda.
  • Another restaurant, Restaurante Hermonas Bustos, is about 200 yards down the street
  • Grocery store, Mandarin, is on the main road into town. Just a 2 minute drive (or 15 minute walk) away
  • 2 building supply stores and an auto-mechanic shop are all within a 2 minute drive
Although Corazon de Oro itself is a quiet beach refuge, it is not in the middle in nowhere. You can easily take care of your daily needs without having to spend much time on the road.

Also, Corazon de Oro is further than 10K from the Costa Rica border, so Panama’s 10K rule does not apply to it.

Beach Access

Our philosophy is that the beach belongs to everyone. Not just the few lucky beach front property owners.

Our goal is to have a community where everyone (beachfront & non-beachfront property owners) has full access to the beach.

Therefore, we have designated a permanent 20 foot (6 meter) beach access path for the use of all property owners.

This path is located between sites number 6 and 7, as indicated on the site plan.

Boat Access

If you have a beach vehicle, you can drive onto the beach.

You could also bring your small water craft, such as a Hobie Cat, down to the beach.

At present, there is no concrete boat ramp, so boats with trailers would need to have beach tires.

The property is on the downwind, down current side of a big sand bar. From January to May, you can anchor your small boat in this bay. One of the photos below shows local fishermen doing just that.

Boat Launch & Storage

We are contemplating putting in a boat launch and storage facility at Corazon de Oro (see site plan). There certainly is the need for one in Puerto.

In order to create a boat launch, we need to complete an environmental impact review and get all the proper maritime permits. Until that happens, we cannot guarantee such a project. However, small boat launching, using trailers with beach tires, is permitted. No permits or approvals are needed for launching a boat using that method.

The bottom line is that market conditions are ripe for a marine facility in Puerto. We don’t need to do it ourselves, and we’d be happy to help someone else make it happen.

Living In Panama House

Have us build a Living In Panama House for you on any of our lots.

This is the easiest way to have an affordable & well-designed home built on one of our Corazon de Oro properties.

Your Living In Panama House will be ready 4 months from the start of construction.

We make it affordable by leaving the finishes to you.

You can find out more about Living in Panama beach house on our website. You can also watch a video of initial stages of our smallest Living in Panama house being built here. This video also shows off part of the Corazon de Oro property as well.

Do It Yourself

If you decide to build your own house, there are builders available to help you. We can help you get in touch with them.

My husband, Reyn, had a successful design/build firm in Seattle for over 20 years. Reyn is happy to talk with you about your design/build options.

Titled Land

The Corazon de Oro property is in the process of titling. The title for your lot will be transferred to you – at no additional cost – when the process is complete.

Puerto Armuelles Is A Real Beach Town

“Puerto” is a wonderful place to live. It is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing beach lifestyle and retirement.

About Puerto Armuelles

  • Puerto has a real sense of place
  • Located right on the Pacific Ocean
  • Historic town. Built by Chiquita Banana, starting in the late 1920s
  • 2nd largest town in the popular Chiriqui Province.
  • All services, right in town
Although it is not yet a tourist destination, Puerto has features to attract recreational visitors, as well as retirees.

  • Horseback riding on the beach or in the hills
  • Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or sea kayaking
  • Walks on the beach
  • Weekly expat get togethers
  • Volunteer to teach English at local University and schools
  • Help with local volunteer spay & neuter animal clinic
  • Fishing (there is even a fishing lodge 30 mins away, Hooked on Panama)
  • Feed the monkeys at Mono Feliz (about an hour drive away on Punta Burica)
  • Help with turtle rescue at Tigre Salvaje (40 min walk past Mono Feliz on Punta Burica)
  • Whale watching in season
  • Day trips to Boquete, Volcan or Boca Chica
  • Bocas del Toro is only 5 hour drive away and makes for a fun weekend trip
  • River rafting opportunities and more nearby
Puerto Armuelles is a place where you can easily create a happy and relaxed life.

Come visit us in Puerto, and see if you agree.

If any of these properties interest you, catch a plane to Panama.

Check out the property, Puerto Armuelles, and Panama.

This is the only way you will ever find out if Puerto Armuelles is a good fit for you.

Please try to give me a heads up about when you are coming to Puerto Armuelles.

That way we can set aside some out time to meet you. We enjoy giving people tours of our property and of Puerto Armuelles.

We love Puerto Armuelles. You may find that you love it too.

Next Steps

I recommend that you do the following:

  • Contact us to schedule a tour of the property and the town
  • Explore our site to learn more about Puerto Armuelles and get other FAQs answered
Keep in mind, that you really should spend some time living in Panama before you buy property. You need to make sure Panama (and Puerto Armuelles) is a good fit for you before making a commitment to buy property.

Money Back Guarantee

When you decide to buy, I want you to know that we offer what I don’t think anyone else in Panama offers – a chance to change your mind.

We give you 30 days from the time of signing the purchase agreement to change your mind about buying a particular piece of property.

No questions asked.

We will give you a full and fast refund (minus closing costs).

All of our properties are throughly vetted and are priced to sell. Therefore, we don’t think you will take us up on this refund offer, but it is there if you need it.

Air Fare Bonus + Financing

We even sweeten the deal in 2 ways:

1) When you buy one of our properties, we will pay for the airfare you spent to get to Panama. (FYI, If you do change your mind and get a refund, the airfare will be subtracted).

2) We offer financing on many of our properties. Since it can be time consuming for foreigners to qualify for a bank mortgage this is a great perk.

Even if you don’t buy a property from us, we are always available to answer your questions.

We want to help you be happy in Panama.

Price & Properties
There is a property at Corazon de Oro for most budgets.

Beach Front: We have 9 beach front lots with 55 to 60 feet of beachfront each.
These beach front lots are large (about 60' x 150'). Deep enough for 2 houses on each.

We are only asking $98,500 for these beautiful beach front properties.

Beach: We have 9 properties just a short stroll away from the beach.

These attractive properties are priced to sell at $32,500 to 43,500 each.

See the site plan & price chart below for sizes & price of each lot.
Some of the properties have already been sold.

All the lots are beautiful and have full access to the beach.

Contact us for more information and to schedule a tour.

About This Property

Corazon De Oro
Puerto Armuelles
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Ocean View
  • Ocean Waterfront
  • All Utilities Available
  • Beach Front Lots
  • Near-Beach Lots
  • Flat & Easily Accessible Lots
  • In Charming Beach Town
  • Have Us Build You A House
  • Diy House - Contractors Available

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

Beach in front of Corazon de Oro beach front property in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
A Corazon de Oro beach front property in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
Entrance to Corazon de Oro beach front properties in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
By lot 1 & 2 of Corazon de Oro beach front property in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
Lot 4 of Corazon de Oro beach front property in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
The beach in front of Corazon de Oro beach front property in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
Properties at Corazon de Oro in Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
Took this photo at entrance to Corazon de Oro, Puerto Armuelles, Panama..
You can reserve a property for $60 for only $1000. Applies toward price of any of our properties...
A price for every budget. Financing available...

Contact - More Information

Betsy Czark
Phones:   206-734-4778  (US Number)
851-0332  (Panama Number)
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