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Viviun -> AD-250650 :  Grab 1 Acre Of Land For Under Us$25 Grand. Limited. - Master Plan Lots For Sale in Cardenas, Rivas Nicaragua
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Master Plan Lots For Sale in Cardenas, Rivas Nicaragua

Grab 1 Acre Of Land For Under Us$25 Grand. Limited.

Asking Price: $24,999 USD  (Financing Available)

We are happy to bring in the Winter 2017-2018 Sale opportunity in the South of Nicaragua. This is a very well sold master planned community with owners from all over the world: Fiji, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Canada & the United States. Join us, this sale is coming to an end.

This opportunity will resonate with you if you've been looking into Central America and especially Nicaragua. Especially if you're not asleep and see what is happening in America and see the writing on the wall. What is your exit strategy?

Your interest will be piqued if you are looking for an incredible once in a lifetime value deal!

Sometimes opportunity and value will fall into your lap and come across your desk simply because you are in the right place and the right time. This is you. Right now.

We are offering a blow out sale on a limited number of real estate parcels from our master plan of remaining 88 acres. The offer is good while supply lasts.

The property is situated on Lake Nicaragua with plenty of fresh clean water and sitting on a water-shed of drinkable water. Plus the property is only 25 minutes from the Pacific beach town of San Juan del Sur for nightlife, surfing, and great restaurants. We are also only 5 minutes from
the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border. Most of the lots have Lake Nicaragua and Ometepe Island views. The ones that don't have amazing Costa Rica/Nicaragua mountain views. Managua (MGA) is only a short two hour flight from Houston, Miami, or Atlanta!

Imagine owning real estate in Nicaragua and as the landlord you grow your own fresh coconuts, avocados, papaya, mangos, and watermelon. You wake up and drink the milk from a fresh cut coconut from your front yard and enjoy a papaya for breakfast.

You do this outside of your dream home, or you decide to invest for cash-flow and grow cash crops like teak and plantains with your land. This opportunity is also perfect if you wish to land-bank the deal. Buying and holding international real estate is a great way to diversify especially with a looming America collapse. It all starts with becoming a Nicaragua real estate landowner in an established year round warm tropical paradise.

Was it cold where you are this past Winter? Winter is Coming! Above Average Snowfall Expected. Haven't you had enough cold? It's not cold here in the south of Nicaragua on our land right now. Yes, you do have options and an incredible opportunity. Isn't it time to get out of the cold, and say yes to creating a plan B?

The Chinese are building the Nicaragua Canal. From our property you'll be able to see the canal shipping lane in Lake Nicaragua. The Nicaragua Canal is a Mega Project, US$50 Billion, that will have a global impact and will transform the country of Nicaragua economically over the next 10 years. That's 50 Billion reasons that make this opportunity incredibly attractive. Construction of the canal will began on December 22nd, 2014.

We are going to treat you like we'd like to be treated and give you the details below and you'll see why it's a blow out. Take a picture of your jaw dropping and sent it back to us once you see the opportunity below. We have done well in Nicaragua, we are sharing some of our premier land
and keeping the majority as our plan B.

Another unique business opportunity has presented itself to us but we have to act fast. This presents a short term limited opportunity for you to acquire a pristine property, for a fraction of its real value. But only for a limited time and a limited supply of parcels of land (3 acres).

This sale could end anytime and the price is subject to change until under contract.
The whole property has a Master Title Insurance Policy from 1st American Title Company, an American Company. Therefore the title is clean. The whole property is free and clear of debt and liens. Full due diligence is available to those who express serious interest. We have the top real estate law firm in Nicaragua, they are ready to serve you today. They speak English and Spanish and are accustom to serving North Americans with great service. Don't you feel good knowing that the whole property has a Master Title Insurance Policy guaranteeing a clean title?

  • Term Sheet
  • Offer good while supply lasts.
  • Prices and terms subject to change until under signed contract.
  • All Closing Cost are assumed by the Buyer.
  • 1 Acre == Only US$24,999 (Limited)**
  • 1/2 Acre == Only US$12,499 (Limited)**
Let's do the math. You can get an ocean view "lot" (NOT an Acre) for US$99,999 (at the beach) OR grab 1 Whole Acre (4047 m2) of land Under US$25 Grand with stunning Lake Nicaragua & Ometepe Island Views here!! Nicaragua is the "Land of Lakes and Volcanoes". The value is here and we have been selling fast.

We are excited for you because we remember back in 2009 when we were in your shoes, ready to be a international real estate owner in Nicaragua. Isn't it exciting? You are dealing with the principal not a broker on this offer. References from our community owners and full due diligence available upon request.

If you have serious interest and if affordably implementing your exit plan in a warm tropical paradise sounds like a valuable opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss, kindly send a reply or call us now so we may answer your questions and get you more information.

All the best. I look forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

p.s. Reply to this listing or text and request the Overview & FAQ HD Video.
This FAQ video is a *must see* for ALL 1st Time Nicaragua Landlords and International Real Estate Investors.
. Get the FAQ yourself here, visit our website: LaJoyaEcoCommunity dot Com

About This Property

Km 138 1/2 Pan American Hwy South
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
1 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Lake View
  • Mountain View
  • Pet Friendly
  • Cable TV
  • Gated Community
  • Master Title Insurance Policy From 1st American Title, An American Company
  • Only 5 Minutes To Costa Rica
  • Only 25 Minutes To The Pacific Ocean Beach Town Of San Juan Del Sur
  • Established, Since 2009, 9 Year Sales History & Happy Owners. References Provided.

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Phone:   858-376-7563
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