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June 2017 after roller chopping and seeding side oats grama Banderita in 2016...
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Cattle & Hunting For Sale in Sabinas, Coahuila, Mexico

11,847 Acre (4,853 Hectares) Cattle & Hunting Ranch For Sale

Asking Price: $1,600,000 USD  (Negotiable)

The ranch has 11 deer blinds and 11 feeders with about 7,000 acres flat country (llano) and about 5,000 acres of hills (lomas o cerros). There are numerous roads and crossroads for hunting quail and deer from Jeep or top-drive truck. See map.

Over 750 acres have been roller-chopped and seeded with side oats grama "Banderita" since 2016 in a government project with a 70/30 govt/owner cost sharing.

The ranch manager has a degree in range science from the university in Saltillo. One vaquero lives on the ranch at all times and during hunting season we usually add two more. An additional vaquero is hired as needed for projects.

Five dirt tanks were cleaned out in 2018 and 7 kilometers of new waterline was added to service a new 20,800 liter water tank at the intersection of three pastures at the base of the hills, again in a government assistance program.

At the current listed price, all equipment and livestock go with the ranch. At a lesser negotiated price nothing goes with the ranch, no equipment or livestock, only the land.

There are numerous water wells on the ranch but one well in the southwest most pasture is extremely productive and capable of serving the entire ranch. The water from this well is excellent drinking water, even for gringos. This is the well that pumps water uphill 7 kilometers to the new water storage.

The owner's house can sleep up to 11 people in beds with room for more on cots or air mattresses. There is no electricity on the ranch. Lights are 12-volt fluorescent with a very large battery that is solar charged. An inverter is used to power things like sleeping machines, blenders, phone chargers and the like. There are two full bathrooms, with hot water of course. A Kitchen table that will seat 12 people. Outside is a BBQ pit and a brick-lined hole in the ground for cooking things like cabeza de vaca (cow's head), whole pig and the like. There is a rock patio with a fire pit in the back of the owner's house.

The ranch is about 30 kilometers east of Sabinas by a rough dirt road (la linea de gas) or 52 kilometers of which the first 38 are paved and the last 14 are good dirt road. The east and west entrance gates are locked and only one neighbor to the north has permission to cross the ranch.

About This Property

Kilometer 30 Linea De Gas
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
11,847 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Working Cattle Ranch With Approximately 200 Cows;
  • Excellent Quail & Deer Hunting. Owner's House And
  • Two Vaquero Houses.

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

June 2017 after roller chopping and seeding side oats grama Banderita in 2016...
Roller chopper..
Northeast pasture "Tinaja"..
East fenceline, looking north to the hills...
Hunting Quail, January 2017..
Oso Loco feeder..
Oso Loco northwest pasture..
Mountain Lion..
20171201 00:00:00.000..
20171201 00:00:00.000..
20171201 00:00:00.000..
Oso Loco pasture..
20171201 00:00:00.000..
Beefmaster bull..
Top Drive..
Tinaja Temporal..
Tinaja Temporal..
killed 14-Dec-2018..
map of ranch roads and other features...

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Billy Holle
Phone:   9792775077
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