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Beach House. For Sale in Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Residence Or Beachside Tourist Rental Unit !

Asking Price: $29,900 - $69,900 USD

Become an investor partner in the FIRST Fiji Expat Container Boutique beachfront hotel community, own as a single-family residence OR go in the beach house rental business !

RENTAL scenario: $ @ 50% occupancy = $4, x 10 months per yr. [conservative presentation vs. 12 mo.] = $45,000. per 'Double Eagle' x 3 units per Cluster = $135,000. and a Cluster is just under $250,000. !

Try achieving a 56% gross annual ROI with a savings account ! DO THE MATH ! ! !

Firstly, we moved to Fiji from Vava’u about 10 years ago. We were in Vava’u for 7 years and set up lots of business there, which is where we started the website. Since moving to Fiji we have learned a lot about the place. It can be summed up as, beautiful, large, mountains and streams and rivers and low cost of living, but very high rental rates for tourists, if you want to be on the beach.

The hot spot now seems to be where we chose to live, Savusavu Town area of Fiji.

The problem here for tourists is; the only beach houses you can rent for miles around are in resorts in the Savusavu area of prime beach. Their rates are all over $1000 USD per day. Some, like Cousteau Resort on the same beach I will tell you about, they get a minimum of $1200 USD for a small beach house. Namale same, Savasi Island, same, so there are no beach houses that are not in a resort in the area near Savusavu; none that are affordable by folks who don’t even want the resort buzz. Granted the resorts offer meals and activities but many people don’t even want that, especially when it costs so much.

Now the situation is; no one can rent a beach house here outside of a resort.

That is the problem and the definition of business is solving problems. If you could solve this problem of a total lack of stand-alone beach houses for rent by building at least one, you would probably rent it or them out and maybe every day of the year.

Once you get that clear, the next thought is to buy land here on this beach and build beach houses and rent them out at half the price of the resorts. After all you wouldn’t be offering meals and for $600 USD per day savings, tourists could make or buy their own, or for that money fly meals in from France every day. Just down the same 3.5 km long beach is the Cousteau Resort, getting from $1200-2000 USD per day; how about offering a house right on the beach at half of their low end price of $1200, cutting to just $600 per day? For a $3 NZ taxi ride your guests can go to town and dine at the Yacht Club, the Surf n Turf and at any of the many restaurants there. Or buy their own food and cook on the beach. Save thousands. What else is nice about not being in a resort is you can build a bonfire on the beach right in front of your beach house and no one is going to call the resort manager. J Freedom is the keyword in this beach house rental idea outside of the confining and restricting high priced resorts.

Moving along with the logic; the only land for sale on this entire 3.5km long white sand beach I am leading to is 52 acres for $585,000 USD and firm…

No other beachfront property can be sold on this beach as the rest is native land all the way down to the airport. The other side is old family land that the owners will never sell as for generations that is their agreement. Then you have the Cousteau Resort at the end of the beach.

Up the coast there was a ¼ acre lot on the beach for sale for $250,000 USD—it sold for private home use. That would work for one beach house, but… a huge investment there too.

So, the first problem to get over for renting beach houses is the high cost of the land, which gets in the way of the idea to provide beach houses for rent for ultra high rates. These rental rates are set by the resorts in the area and then the unbelievable fact that there are NO OTHER BEACH HOUSES FOR RENT anywhere near this prime area, close to town. There are no beach house rentals up the coast either. The only beach house rentals are in the resorts.

When you break down the costs of land and beach house construction, the situation is; it is the beach houses that bring in the rental income, not the land. The premiere beach land is of course critical to being able to build the money making beach houses. Too bad the land costs so much. It kind of kills the beach house idea for most. Now what?

This is dreaming; what if you could get beach land for free? Follow along because dreams can come true.

What if you could get a ¼ acre for each beach house you want to build and just pay a monthly fee for the maintenance of the land, the road upkeep, beach cleaning, septic, water, rubbish collection and a little for clearing the land? Then you could put a beach house on this premium beach and rent it out for whatever the market would bear and we know people will pay up to $2000 per day to be on this beach. Ok, again, food included at that $1200-2000 per day price.

Now, if you agreed to pay $220 USD per month to put your beach house (any size you want) on this palm studded white sand beach. Imagine what income you would be able to get for providing a stand-alone beach house just down from where they get $1200-2000US per day and even off this beach up the coast where Namale and Savasi Island Resorts get the same money and don’t even have a real beach there. They have waterfront and a very small shared beach and still get the high prices.

Imagine being able to complete with this scene with virtually no cost for the land, as priced with services it would appear to be free.

Well, as you might have guessed, it is true; this is what I have been able to put together with the Land Trust Board of Fiji on this Cousteau made popular beach.

They are pleased to no end to be able to rent a ¼ acre lot right on the beach for $220 USD per month and to keep the beach clean, keep the roads up and provide the water and rubbish removal, septic and all the services that you would have to provide even if you paid $250,000 USD or $585,000USD and owned the land.

You don’t have to own the land to make use of it and profit from it. What counts is the income you can derive from the use of someone’s land that with your beach house on it, you can earn an excellent ROI because your expense for the land is a fixed low-cost, again includes the services.

So, the dream come true is available right now for you to put a beach house of your choosing down the beach from the high priced resorts and get what you can with renting the only beach house available anywhere near this Savusavu area that is not in a resort.

ight now, you could have the first such beach house rental there is, right here, and that is actually very remarkable, if I do say so myself

Easy walking distance to the Cousteau Resort & Savusavu town.

AWARE of a better investment, please tell us about it, we'll join you !

About This Property

Vanua Levu
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
384 Sq. Ft
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Ocean View
  • Ocean Waterfront
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Patio
  • Awning-Covered Deck
  • Where Else Could One Find Beach Homes/Cottages So Affordable In The South Pacific Or Anywhere For That Matter !
  • English Widely Spoke
  • Prices, Plus 9% Vat
  • Owner Cottage/Beach Hotel Unit

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

oceanfront lwnd..
BH beach..
Savusavu Harbor..
Savusavu sunset..
Paradise beach..
Paradise beach..
Paradise beaches..
Paradise beaches..
Double Eagle - 2..
Eagle - 1..
Beachfront location..
Beach house scene..
another beach location scene..
'Eagle' - interior 2..
'Eagle' with deck..
'Eagle' - kitchen area..

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John Snook - Fiji Island Living
Phone:   01 719 989 0306
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