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Built in 1863, and rebuilt in 1911, so I guess you could say it's kinda new.Built as a single family dwelling. Original owners were local gold buyers...
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1863 Hacienda For Sale in Bacubirito, Sinaloa, Mexico

Asking Price: $33,000 USD  (Financing Available)

After spending the last 19 or so winters at this house, I've decided to sell the property, and move further south, so the wife can be closer to her family, and I can be closer to saltwater.

I had the house listed for one year, but nobody showed up with a bag of money.
One main reason, was the property was to be sold with a bill of sale. I now will have Mexican title to the house.

If you're looking for a place to relax, and not be bothered by anybody, this is the place. Nobody tells you what or how to build your house, or you parked in the wrong place. Or your rooster wakes up too early. This is what I was looking for. I found this old house that looks like a bus station, and started working on last owner widened the front entrance door, so he could bring in his pickup, and we were forced to perform surgery, and put the door back to original. Then in order to keep the horses, kids, cows, burros, chickens, and any other critter out, I built about 200' of block wall, that encloses the whole property, and planted banana trees for privacy.
Every year, I look forward to spending the winter at the house and reading books, I can never seem to find time to read, at my home in Nevada.
Years ago, I found out, that I am allergic to snow, so every year I try not to let a snowflake touch me; I'm a warm weather person.

A few years back, I remembered to check the temperature on Christmas day; 86 degrees, and about no humidity. Merry Christmas!
Nobody seems to make waves, or get excited. It seems like I was the only one getting excited. Now. thing to remember, while I'm thinking about it;
manana doesn't mean "tomorrow"; it just means "not today". Words of wisdom I read years ago.
And remembering things of this nature; we had two local police in town, that you could always ID them by their pickup. dents and torn metal, all over it; no tail or turn lights in back, and one head light. I seemed to see them on the road going to one of the beer depots. I would stop in the middle of the road, give them a sixpac, and they would open the beer, and we'd have one, sitting there. They figured it was a good gesture to give me one of my own beers back.

We're 3 miles from lake Baccarac, said to be the best large mouth bass fishing in the whole world. We hold the Latin America bass record, at 19 LBS 1 OZ. And, Carlos, that works with me, was the guide for a guy from Texas, that caught the fish. He gave Carlos, the rod and reel he used, and 100 buck tip. Carlos remembers that day very well. My record, so far, is 13 pounds, but I'm into eating the fish, more than catching them.
The lake is a hydro-electric dam, that's 25 miles long, and 5 miles at it's widest point. Many fishermen come to one of three guide services, every year, and usually go home with tales about catching a 10 + pounder.

I first came to Bacubirito, chasing tales of gold, in 1968. I didn't find the gold then, but came back about 1995, on a gold test program, checking areas along the river for yellow metal. Couldn't find a good enough location to make money, but I made friends, that have lasted.
Back then, there were two super markets, both with dirt floors. The markets are still there, but the floors have been replaced with cement. The "supers" will have just about all the main items you need, even have frozen chickens, for about 2 bucks.
Also there are a few tiendas scattered around. They are small neighborhood stores, where you can buy things that you seem to always run out of in the middle of cooking dinner, like an onion, or butter. I have one right next door to me, where I buy something sweet to go with my coffee every morning.
Also, there are guys with pickups, that come by every morning, even Christmas morning, selling all manner of fresh vegetables, and I mean fresh, something that most of us never see anymore in The States, for a fraction of the price, back home.
Many people ask me about the cost of living in Mexico. I tell them, that my beer bill runs more than my food bill. That reminds me; there are two beer stores in town, so if you get tired of one beer, you can switch off to another. Also, a very important item: when you buy beer, there will be a digital temperature readout, that is usually one or two degrees above freezing. I know there will be some of you guys, that won't find this important, but there will be some of us who will disagree.

We now have just about all the necessities, like, sewer hook ups, electricity , running water and cell phone service, fishing, beer, reading, and warm days.

OK. to describing the house; It was built in 1863, about the same time they discovered the Bacubirito meteorite, that crashed 7 miles from my house;
but that's another story.
It was rebuilt in 1911. I still have one or two original walls, that are adobe brick. It was built for a family, who were local gold buyers. When I bought it, it was ugly; almost all of the roof was missing, and parts like doors and windows missing. The roof was a major undertaking, as I wanted everything on the outside of the house to look original.
There was a two holer outhouse, that had to go. The bricks from that, are now
part of the wall, that encircles the courtyard.
I decided to convert the kitchen, with it's windows cut high in the walls, to
become my bathroom. The dirt floors were a problem, too. I wanted a trouble-free toilet, and I did accomplish that. No problems of any kind, in close to 20 years. I think I might have a Mexican record. I'm sure I have a local record.
I didn't have anything to do one year, and so me and Carlos, my plumber, electrician, carpenter, mason, pizza oven builder, friend and fixer of other things that break, we installed a Jacuzzi and shower. I should have hired someone with a little more knowledge. It worked well for a time, but I installed another shower in my bedroom. The bathroom ended up being 14'x18'
Another awakening, was when I discovered the open air dining room,(with two beautiful arches) that's between the old kitchen, and my bedroom, is no more an ideal place for a dining room, that now, is right next to a bathroom.
I also cut about a 12' open arch for a doorway, to enter the bathroom. I had a couple embarrassing moments, when I was tending my business, when I had visitors enter the bathroom. I had my friend Pedro, who has an welding business, construct, a light steel gate, with a sliding latch, mounted about 5' the local kids won't be able to reach the latch. Now, I can go, and relax, maybe read a chapter, without those unexpected, and unwanted moments.

I didn't want a very large bedroom, so I chose the room, next in line from the dining room. It measures 14'x22'. I figured on installing a vanity, and shower. I also made a crude bath water drain, to supply water to several plants, outside. I discovered, that wash water is great for plants. I also wanted a ceiling fan, and found out, that ceiling fans are a real pain to install, and use when you have 17' ceilings. We tried to put on an extension, to lower the fan, but that got real scary, when the fan acted like it was drunk, and started wobbling right in line with my head, when Im trying to sleep.

Then, a lady down the street, was having work done on her house, and she ended up with a buncha 5x7x16 roof beams, cut with an az, I think you call it, that she didn't know what to do with, and found it hard to resist my 100 USbuck offer. So, we dropped down about 4', and knocked a hole in the two foot diameter wall, and another hole in the other wall. Now we had ironwood beams across the room to run wire and cables, and to mount lights and ceiling fans, also an antique chandelier. We then done the same thing in the bathroom.

A friend up in Nevada had an old iron bathroom, that I had to have for my bedroom, and he was talked out of it real easy; like nothing. Later, I got to thinking about this, and figured it would cost him money, to haul it to the dump. I hauled it down, and then had to give a buncha young guys, a sixpac
to unload it for me, and carry it into my bedroom. One thing worried me about the iron tub, was, that I was using an electric water heater, and standing or sitting in an iron tub, fulla water. So I decided to bring down a water heater, out of an RV; works like a charm. 5 gallon of propane lasts a long time.
So, I ended up with, with what I thought was a really cool bedroom.

One of the smartest things I came up with, is the pizza oven, Carlos and I built. I researched pizza ovens on the Internet, and took hints from a few guys, who seemed to know what they were doing. If I had to build another one, I'd make it a little smaller, but mine works great.
I can get 1000 degrees in about one hour, burning junk trees, that everyone uses for firewood. I cook pizzas at 750 degrees, in two minutes, with perfect crust. I also roast chicken and beef, and make bread. I really like to pretend like I know what I'm doing, in the kitchen.

A couple times a week, I have my cleaning lady, bring a few kids over for dinner. They always like what I cook, maybe because they're always hungry. Lots of times they don't want to try something, because it looks or feels funny, so then, I won't give them anything, until they try everything. For instance, mashed potatoes, or potato salad; now they love them. Another thing, was when I steamed veggies, with melted butter. I didn't even say anything. Finally one guy tried them, and that became one of their favorites. Their dad was there, and he was about as bad as the kids. After dinner he had me tell his wife how to make the steamed veggies.

Anyway, I hired Carlos' father-in-law, to go up in the hill, and cut 6 poles, about 20' long. He drug them back by burro, and dug holes, and we had an outdoor kitchen. I put the metal roof on, and had a lime tree growing up thru a hole in the roof. Looked really neat! Only trouble was, the tree died real quick. I did get some banana trees to grow on the edge inside the kitchen. I still have some of them growing.

I built an "el" shaped table, with a bar sink in one end of the table, and ran the drain pipe, with holes drilled in it to water the banana trees.
The kitchen was a great idea, but with a couple drawbacks: one thing, when you can't sleep, and go sit in the kitchen to read a book, sometimes an avocado high up in the tree over the metal roof of the kitchen will come loose, and when that 3/4 LB fruit hits right above your head, you could have a heart attack.
But what I love most, is when it starts to rain on the metal roof. Neat.

About This Property

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3,600 Sq. Ft
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Features - Amenities

  • Pet Friendly
  • Entire Property Enclosed With Block Wall.
  • Out-Door Kitchen, With 8 Burner Wolf Stove, With Electricity
  • And Water, And Refrigerator.
  • 14' Metal Entrance Gate.
  • 2 Or 3 Miles To The Best Largemouth Bass Fishing In World.

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Built in 1863, and rebuilt in 1911, so I guess you could say it's kinda new.Built as a single family dwelling. Original owners were local gold buyers...
Old kitchen/new bathroom..

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jim Peterson
Phones:   7757219700  (home in Nevada)
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