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Farm/Ranch For Sale in Panaba Near Tizimin, Yucatán, Mexico

Farm /Ranch Agroaquaculture On-Site Fish & Animal Feed Maker

Asking Price: $219,000 USD  (Negotiable)


I decided to can the long version. This is an amazing, good sized property of 247 forested with a lot of plantable if mostly -not- tractor-tillable, excellent, well-drained, mineral rich soil. Neither tilled nor poisoned with nor addicted to MNC commercial fertilizers, GMOs, or other planet-killing machinations by the disgraciados at Monsanto/Bayer, et al.

Medical bills have killed our limited capital resources so its timé to face the sad (for us) reality after 12 years of non-stop hard-work. Let me please take a few minutes of your time to address potential and very real and appropriate concerns about buying this (or any) property if I were in your position:

1) "I don´t speak much Spanish." or "I always cut class in high school" or "It´s definitely a work in progress" Important point and to really enjoy yoursellf and/or do busines here you´ll want to improve whatever Spanish, or Mayan you do have. That´s easy enough to do unless you decide you "Can´t¨ or simply do not want to. Life is indeed impossible if you decide you cannot or do not want to live it.
There are some English speakers and other bilinguel ranch owners you will inevitably meet (I can help) and about half (Probably less!) of Merida speaks English if at times you need a fix, so don´t worry about that just now. convinced? I learned functional Spanish in 3-4 months in Nicaragua during the war. It all depends on context. In context (Your´s would be the ranch/farm) it happens quickly if you are also not surrounded by English speakers. My first context was constructing food storage, small houses,and then remodeling our community hospital. My 2nd context started when the hospital director found out I was also a therapist so I started working with hospital staff then patients. Trust me. The ranch context will be a lot easier as well buying things and groceries in town. Piece of cake!

By the way. We are selling because we have to but me and my native-speaking, with some English, wife are not leaving. Why leave the most beautiful, safest, tranquil place on 4 continents and at least as many of the planets largest islands´that I have traveled to, worked un, or lived on over the past 50 years? Not a chance! We just need something a lot smaller and more manageable for us and maybe 1-worker.

The point is that we will be here to help along with some other fine folks. The other part of not selling and running off to Timbuktoo is that besides my very successful physical (Myofascial) therapy practice of 30 years, I also started in construction at age 12 and got my first of two Contractors´licences at age 23 so have been designing, building, and remodeling for well over 35 years including 15 in Mexico so I know how things work (and sometimes don´t if you are not from here.

"But I/we dont know any workers or contracting people here!"., we know about just about everybody here and abouts and even if they decide on occasion that I AM "TOO NICE" (IE. Potentially gullible) my wife Cristina is well known for not putting up for a moment with any funny-business so the truth is that despite her diminuative stature, nobody wants to encounter her potential rath if she perceives someone trying to pull a "fast one" and let´s face it, especially in construction and Real Estate, that kind of thing happens no matter what country you are in.
Finishing up on Cristie, I also am proud to say she is an excellent Massage technician, an estetician, Latin dance teacher, and chef with her own small, popular food venue in Panaba and also enjoys teaching regional cooking styles when the occacion arises. I´ll skip all of her community involvements for now but my point is that we are here for the duration so no worries. She will also speak English but gets shy if I am around so if you are chatting with her and I arrive she will likely hand me a machete and say "Go chop something!"

Although we already have a good deal of construction on site, my friend/socio Patrick suggested to me the other day that "Our buyers may want to build their own house with their own or a new design" and of course we can help with and facilitate anything your imagination and budget can come up with.

FYI, there are no bulding permits here and the ground is so solid below the top-soil that we never, ever have quakes or even temblors thanks to that meteor that landed close to where Merida is today --- 65,000,000 years ago. Any case RE your own dream house if you want to start from scratch, we can design it with you or gladly introdice you to at least a couple excellent architects.

OK: I´ll let you get on with my ad, such as it is for now. If this disappears then you can always reach us on FACE at Duckweed Aquaculture Yucatan, Gil Romero, or Agroaquaculture Yucatan

Thanks for your time and I promise, ASAP I will be posting a few of my hundreds (Literally!) of photos ASAP! Happy Hollidays to you and your families!!!!!!!!!!

Our water is clean and plentiful and, while we were 100% active with the Tilapia farm, was tested 3-4 times a year by CESAy), the state agency that supports and monitors farmed fish activities. In fact we are 100% clean, free of chems and contamination and have a near perfect Ph of just under 7.

Largely because of the meteor that crashed a couple of hours from here, just ouside of Merida, 65,000,000 years ago, all of our water arrives in stone-filtered underground rivers all the way up from Central America, passes under our ranch and region and then empties into the sea about 30 miles from our ranch. (bEAUTIFULBEACHES AND AZURE-BLUE WATERS AS i MAGINE cANCUN WAS 30-40 YEARS AGO BEFORE THE THRONGS, MONDO HOTELS AND NIGHT-TIME NONSENSE. wHAT A FUDDY-DUDDY, EH?

Talk about clean. Anyway it´s tested clean and pure and FYI, we were nominated the number 1 AQUACULTURE farm (There were 17-20 others at the time) of our region our first year in operation for infrastructure and sanitary practices and this before we´d ever sold a fish! i LIKE TO THINK OF MYSELF AS DETAILED ORIENTED. yOU CAN CALL ME A PERFECTIONIST OR COMPULSIVE IF YOU PREFER! lol!


OK, yeah, fish farm. Tilapia or freshwater shrimp. Not into it? Me neither or better said not on a big commercial scale which we tried and didn´t like so forget making your millions with farmed fish. But HOW ABOUT JUST ENOUGH FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND A FEW FOLKS IN PANABA HAPPY TO BUY FROM YOU?...

WELCOME TO AGROAQUACULTURE! (Also on Facebook little by little)
THE PASSWORD IS "DUCKWEED" OR SCIENTIFICALLY, "LEMNACEAE" OR IN SPANISH LENTEJA DE AGUA, OR MAYA, XINGHA. Yada, yada, you may have never heard of it but its all over the Internet these days´for a number of VERY GOOD reasons: Smallest flowering plant on the planet, gettingt sent into outer SPACE by NASA but you can look all that up on Wikipedia or my FACE pages or for yourself on the NET.
What you AS soon to be struggling rancher/farmers want to pay attention to now is that this little marvel packs from 30-50% protein and a virtually complete compliment of amino acids and its nutriant values compete with meat (Hello all you half-starved vegans! No offense meant, just trying to make a point).... Money, money, money. it´s virtually free too!

The point is that this plant grows very quicvkly in water and we have those tanks for you. We have 18 tanks and dedicate two of the large 12 meter tanks to raising healthy, nonPCB, Non-Mercury loaded, organic, non-ocean polluted, non-antibiotic overdosed fish of which the world average consumption is now 15 kilos per year percapita and that is going up. In fact farmed fish passed beef consumption globally in 2010.

Are you with me? OK, the Tilapia or other fish can eat the Duckweed but so what and this is great! Chickens, pigs, ducks and sheep and your turkeys and even your cattle also can eat this very high nutrition plant as well. And grown in an aquaponic environment (IE Clean) it´s great for humans too, hence NASA´S interest. It tastes like lettece, by the way unless you hate salads in which case, you can click on. kidding.

What all of the above blather means is that if you buy this property, discover and carry on our projects you may very soon never,ever have to buy animal feed of any kind again and the Duckweed, along with our MORINGA trees will be all you need for any animal or fish you are thinking of raising and. will all be organic if you do it right.

Think about it: I buy this beautiful property to ranch/farm but and I will soon enough never have to buy feed for any animal or fish I raise? Do you have a sense of how much money you will be saving (Money saved is indeed money earned!!!) plus the quality of food your animals and your family will be consuming. your clients with whom you do business. business with?

Email me and then we can talk. I have a lot more (Tons more info really) but the idiots at Yahoo (surely buddies of Monsanto/Bayer and the putz that would be king for life!) crashed my encyclopedic website 18 mos ago then my laptop died then we got sick for a while, see what I mean?

I will continue writing ASAP but just now me and my socios have some very serious health issues to deal with so my VIVIUN ad (This one!) may go away briefly in a day or two so please write down my email and phone numbers but know email is best: Ecotechmexico at gmail (Sorry, I know I am not supposed to do this! Call me a rebel with a cause!

One last note about the Duckweed here: It grows very fast and if you have your water and fertilizer just right, it can double it´s quantity in 24-36 hours so dont worry about running out once you get your act together!

And dont forget Moringa which will prevent and/or go along way to curing Diabetes in people among other benefits and it´s also a fantastic forage (feed) plant for all of your animals ands ruminants and sheep/cows need it to combine with Duckweed so they can digest it. Hard to stop once I get going but did you know that milk cows can produce up to 68% more milk when fed Moringa?

Go to . Type in Discovery Channel Moringa and you will encounter an inspiring documentary you will be very happy about. The first one that will pop up will be the Spanish version but with your Internet Savy you will also encounter the English version no problemo.

If you are unfamiliar with our area you may want to check out the following places on Wikipedia or other sources: Tizimin, Rio Lagartos, San Felipe, El Cuyo, Panaba, Coloradas, Izamal, Isla Ceritos. Enjoy!

Here below is me being a business man/RE agent but some of it may be helpful:

This ia a large property unless you plan to run several hundred beef cattle on it. More appropriate would be in 50 to 70 head range. The last owners also improved and expanded their already excellent Guinea pastures and profits by appropriately managing over 250 sheep in combination grazing with their cattle.

Unique in-progress, rural farm, re-development on 248 pristine acres, in one of the Mayan, Yucatán´s most historically important, most famous, most productive and sought after ranching, and agricultural areas with almost innumerable opportunities to enjoy and adventure, on land and sea, in the Nature that will surround you everywhere and, in short order, enamourar you for many years to come.

What we are interested in and committed to these past 12 years, is intellegent land, water, and resource use, and self-sufficiency, as much as possible, in a sustainable manner which means respecting the land and people around us and in earning money by investing prudently first by saving, not wasting money or precious time. We have been working hard at putting that philospphy into action for the long haul for ourselves and also for our community and the planet. Do we hug trees? Most definitely!

Would we ourselves get back into the fairly consuming occupation of intensive commercial Tilapia growing and harvesting? No bloody way, Jose! What we would do instead is not spend over $100K pesos (before labor cost) on feed and electricity per month. I will go into this in greater detail further on but let me say that if you limit your tank populations to 2500 to under 3000 fish per tank, you won¨t need to run your heavy-duty, three-phase/220v aireators up to 23 hours per day. You will also need a lot less feed or in our case. no commercial feed at all! The secret there is in growing our own fast growing, highly nutritious, Duckweed (Lemnaceae) in some of the tanks we used to spend a fortune on growing Tilapia for very little profit, lots of abor and a market that was mainly only viable locally perhaps 4 months a year. More later.

We curently have about 2000 Moringa trees. If you are not familiar with the Moringa "Miracal Tree", do please check out . Type in Discovery Channel Moringa tree. The Spanish of that very fine documentary will pop-up but it also exists in its original English version if you look for it. I will post it here later. Regards ranching, Moringa is a phenominal forage plant for all manner of farm/ranch animals, fast growing with harvesting nine times a year. Moringa will grow very well in poor soils (Our soils are great FYI) and needs very little water and so is also very resistant to droubt.

Finally for now. you have or know anyone who has or is at risk for Type II Diabetes, do please do yourself and anyone you care about a big, loving favor and get them connected with information on the Moringa including give them our email if you like and we will be happy to share.

Of course after close to 20 years of living here I am admitedly, even proudly, biased to say that the Yucatán is my home and is most definitely some of the most interesting, most beautiful, and certainly most peaceful and safe places and geographies I have have ever known or lived in on at least four continents and various islands over the past 60 years.

Seeing is indeed believing of course but a lot of visitors never get far enough a field, beyond the lovely and historical state capital in Merida, or its nearby beaches, or the fabulous ruins of Chitzen Iza to begin to get a true sense of all that is available to enjoy and what truely makes the Yucatán unique in so many ways.

If you are considering buying, living, or simply visiting the Yucatán for an extended time, we hope you will take or make the time to explore and get to know at least a little of and about this remarkable, sometimes other-worldly, Yucatán especially if you are already considering buying and putting down roots as you generate years of pleasant memories for yourself, family and friends.

The light here is incredible, especially in the morning, but then again the afternoons with their breathtaking, billowy white, "cloud shows" will not be soon forgotten either but always enjoyed.
Our project is on a pristine, 248 acre/100 hectare ranch/farm with tropical hardwoods, numerous indigenous tree species which also offer high nutrition, droubt resistant fodder. We have hundreds of Neem, Moringa, and citrus trees plus a full, 18 tank, commercial fish and/or fresh-water shrimp aquaculture farm, about half of which now being dedicated to growing Lemnaceae/Duckweed for fish and livestock feed. That is not a typo and is one of the reasons we so accuratelycan say we are producing Lemnaceae (Duckweed) organic feed for fish and terrestial farm animals and birdsat virtually no costapart from the labor involved in the harvesting (with a swimming pool net!) and delivery to the fish and other animals.

Our project is two hours east of Merida, the state capital, 40 minutes to Tizimin, and 20 country road minutes to our nearest lovely town of Panaba. The ranch is less than an hour from nearby ports/fishing villages and Nature gateways of San Felipe and Rio Lagartos.

The region is celebrated as one of the state´s and even nation´s most important cattle and livestock producing areas whose products, including agricultural product harvests, sale and exports while famous nationally, are, as noted, exported internationally on a large and consistant includes famous Yucatecan Honey which we will come back to when we discuss Moringa, "The Miracle Tree". Meantime, just let me say for now that the Moringa (also famous for its medicinal quality honey) blooms here firtually all year around while the most important indiginous tree species are in bloom just 7 months thus reducing production and harvesting of honey considerably.

Soils are mineral rich as are our rural waters which are always clean and in ample supply. This ranch has two deep wells (Permitted for a third) and several rustic artisan wells and all are federally subsidized thus offering considerable savings to ranch/farm owners. An additional 50% discount is available for irrigation used between midnight and 7AM in the morning.

FYI, just 8 months ago they replaced their aging 10 HP, deep-well pump with a 3-phase, 5 HP pump and the new pump is in fact considerably more powerful than the older 10-HP pump which was replaced. Three-phase equipment is also a good deal less expensive to use and, in this case, the new pump cost less than $400 U.S. and should be good for 10-15 years before rebuilding or replacement. This new pump will be fine for overhead irrigaion for 1-2 hectares at a time but current owners only use it for drip irrigation and for the Tilapia or potential fresh-water shrimp farm and eventually for a planned for substantial aquaponics operation. More on that topic a little later.

For those opting to install and use solar equipment, the Federal Electrical Commission will give credits for ranch generated electeicity not immediately used by ranch owners. Additionally, substantial grants and subsidies are increacingly becoming available for all manner of solar equipment including for irrigation as well as for residential and commercial use.


All three principals are getting up in years and as such when combined with at times very serious health challenges experienced over the past 6 years, their already limited financial resources have really taken a shot (and another, and another...) such that they have decided to seek out an individual or family or group of energetic and imaginitive,
even visionary, co-investors to take over and continue with whatever part of the current dream and goals that suit the new folks plus obviously, at their descretion, make whatever adaptations which best suit and fullfill the needs, dreams, and desires of the new owner-investor(s).

Moving on....

About This Property

Panaba Near Tizimin
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
Needs Renovating:
247 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Studio Room
  • Patio
  • Cable TV
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Gated Entry 1km From Hwy
  • State And Local Police Patrol 24/7 Nice Guys!
  • Crime Rate Nil Save For Occasioinal Cattle Theft
  • We Have Never Had An Entry Or Theft In 12 Years
  • Guns And Drugs Of Any Kind Judiciously Controlled In Whole State
  • Property Owners Can Have Guns For Hunting. Must Register If To Be Taken Off Property.
  • First House Has Two 220v Mini-Split Acs
  • New House Wired For 2-220v Mini-Splits
  • New House Has Wheel-Chair Access And Ecological, No Water Toilets
  • Property Has 3-Phase, Industrial Electricity With Three Meters
  • Two Existing Wells, One In Use Has New, 3-Phase, 5hp, 220v Pump
  • The New 5hp Pump Is Considerably Stronger Than The 10hp It Replaced And Is Considerably Cheaper To Run.
  • There Are At Least Two Additional Subsidized Rustic Wells.
  • One Has Solar Pump And Panels Plus Two 1500ltr Storage Tanks Pending.
  • We Are Permitted To Drill A Third Deep Well As Needed.
  • "High-Speed" Internet And Phone Pending New Modem
  • Drip And Overhead Irrigation Available For Approx 5 Hectares

Contact - More Information

Gil Romero - Agroaquaculture Yucatan
Phones:   52-986-114-9624  (Gil when has signal. 100% bilingual)
52-986-106-6813  (Usually available. Span/Eng.)
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