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Viviun -> AD-75898 :  Hacienda With Cenotes, 1,004 Acre Nature Paradise - Historic Hacienda For Sale in Tekit, Yucatan Mexico
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Recently restored casa de pagos..
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Historic Hacienda For Sale in Tekit, Yucatan Mexico

Hacienda With Cenotes, 1,004 Acre Nature Paradise

Asking Price: $750,000 USD  (Negotiable - Financing Available)

There are several good reasons to buy this hacienda:
1. Great Location
2. Attractive price
3. Unspoiled beauty
4. Buildings and layout that lend themselves to a variety of uses
5. Clean title

Let's look at each in turn...
1. It is in a great location on the 3 major tourist routes of the Yucatan peninsula (Puuc Route, Convent Route, and Cenote Route)--all pass within 10 miles of the property. The Mayapan ruins are 15 minutes away, and this is the proposed site for the new "Museo del Mundo Maya" which is intended to be the most important museum on this subject in the world. The highway passing Tekit, the nearest large town, is the main highway linking two state capitals, Quintana Roo's Chetumal and its amazing beaches, and Yucatan's Merida, and its beautiful mansions and leafy boulevards.

2. There are 9 cenotes that we know of to date on the property, each unique and different and as grand as any you would see on a tourist route. They are unique geological formations, astoundingly beautiful, and in most countries you would never be able to buy these things. There are no other properties for sale that have as many cenotes on them. The per hectare price is also attractive because of the overall size. It is also unusual in the Yucatan to find such a large parcel of land.

3. The natural paradise of this hacienda has remained totally undisturbed for 20 years minimum, with large parts of it untouched for 40 years or more. There are a number of beautiful large trees, wildlife is abundant and greatly varied--it really feels like a garden of Eden.

4. the buildings that are there we have begun restoration of. They have some historic interest, the restoration is true to the original, but of higher quality--and using traditional construction techniques. The new roofs will last for 200 years. The buildings are neither so numerous as to be too much, or too small to be inconsequential. They are ideally placed to be part of a family home and guesthouses--or to be used for the creation of a hotel or dude ranch.

5. Clean title. paperwork and titles were handled by a government appointed notary, have been checked and are in good standing. A full survey is available. Google earth coordinates as well.

The hacienda would lend itself to a variety of uses, and in particular it would be ideal for:

1. People looking for total silence and total privacy: the nearest village is 11 km away. The entry road to the house is 2.4 km, so you have complete privacy. The only time you ever hear someone is when they are coming to visit you. As such it would be perfect for a retreat.
2. Eco-hotel: the nature all around is spectacular and makes you want to linger
3. Tourist hotel: situated in the heart of the major tourist routes, near many of the major ruins, it is a magical base
4. dude ranch: ideal as a horse farm, using the old rail beds as riding trails with stops at the cenotes, a truly magical place to learn to ride a horse
5. hardwood plantation: there are many indigenous hardwoods ready for harvest buying time to let new planting to grow
6. honey farm: this area is one the top areas for honey production and Yucatan honey is exported successfully all over the world. we are currently producing honey on the property
7. other agriculture: people are commercially growing henequen, agave, ornamental palms, citrus, and banana in the area as well as bamboo. possible here due to plentiful water
8. cattle ranching: nearby ranches are doing this very successfully by growing grass and running feedlot operations.

This hacienda is magic and it will sell to someone with vision and the eye for a bargain.

About This Property

For Sale By:
Construction Year:
Needs Renovating:
1,000 m2
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Lake Waterfront
  • Private Lake,
  • Incredible Hunting And Wildlife,
  • 9 Cenotes (4 With Water),
  • Caves With Stalactites And Stalagmites,
  • Solar Power Installation, Two Grundfos High Volume Water Pumps (150,000 Litres Per Day), Tanks And Irrigation Canals All Restored To Original Splendour,
  • Wooden Doors Recovered And Repaired
  • Two Of The Buildings Restored To Shell Using Traditional Techniques: Wood Beam Ceilings With Stone Finish. Original Style; Second Building Currently Underway, Est Completion Ye 2011
  • Plans In Place For Renovation Of Remaining Existing Structures
  • All Old Rail Lines And Walls Currently Being Recovered, Repaired, And Surveyed--Plans Complete By Ye 2011
  • Fire Break Cut Around 50% Of The Property (side Facing Population/human Traffic), Fully Complete By Ye 2011...
  • Cenotes Include: Mayan Burial Site In A Deep Cave, An Aguada Or Open Lake/pond, Two Large "Ojo De Agua" Which Is A Hole About 150' Across, 40' Down, With Some Of The Subterranean River And Tropical Vegetation Showing; 3 Large Caves; A Small Aguada Which Is Only Swampy; And Two Clearwater Cenotes, One Of Which Is Used As Our Main Well, But Which Is Diveable And Opens Up Into A Cave System

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

Recently restored casa de pagos..
The lake..
View down into the big cenote. is distorted, but that is about 50 feet down and 100 feet across, with the far side being free of vegetation as there is river current on that side. post more photos when it is possible to get in there..
Path from the house to the cenote/well..
Private road in to a very private paradise..
One of the solar installations..
Entry to underwater cave system..
Inside the main house..
Greenhouse area for growth and propagation of plants..
The old original rail beds that lead from the main house to the cenotes and to the edge of the property, using mayan stones..
Beautiful country road and the entry sign to the hacienda San Antonio Silil..
Yucatan roadmap showing the property Hacienda San Antonio "Silil" towards the bottom right hand corner..
The restored casa de pagos after dry season..
The old rail beds run all through the property--perfect for horse trails or quad bikes..
One of the large caves on the property..
One of the caves on the property with stalactites and stalagmites..
One of the large caves on the property..
Another cave image..
Grassy lawn..
Newly planted cactus garden..
Restored water tank and water lillies..
swimming pool and the gargoyles squirting water--30,000 litres of water, also used for irrigation, fills in 2-3 hours depending on sun, emptied every two days. in fresh cenote water is pure magic..
Enjoying the pool--note the Mayan statuary embedded into the wall on the left. bit hard to see, but gorgeous..
Entrance road..
Machine house, repaired to shell status..
Main building, to restore..

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