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Homes For Sale in Argentina

Showing all 4 homes for sale in Argentina.

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Modern House For Sale in San Rafael, Mendoza Argentina

$980,000 USD
Modern House In Front Of The Park - -Modern house with a contemporary design doing reference to Rationalist Vanguard. The house is strategically located in front of Mariano Morenos Park. It´s has a minimalistic esthetic with concrete walls an ceilings, stone walls, concrete stairs, glass floors, red quebracho wood floors, and stainless steel details in railing and doors. -LOW LEVEL: .Main Hall: thats distribute to the service area, high level and living rooms .Service Area: Kitchen dining with Jhonson furniture; Laundry with interior garden; Bathroom; Garage for 6 cars placards and loft; quincho with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom .Living room: Two spaces, one with a curtain wall thats connect to the gallery and the main garden, and the other one with a great fireplace and views of the park. .Bedrooms: two bedrooms with two beds each others and a full bath with batht ...

Home For Sale in Buenos Aires Argentina

$600,000 USD
Country Style - Lovely country style house on the riverside. Large reception in "L". 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms (2 in suite). Nice garden & ...

Home For Sale in Buenos Aires Argentina

$550,000 USD
Unique French Style House - Best location in Martinez, on the riverside, spectacular french style house with 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms (2 in suite). Large reception in "L" with wood floors. Lovely garden surrounding the house. More pictures ...

Home For Sale in Chubut/ Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina

$85,000 USD
Quiet Neighbor Hood, No Crime, Heated Pool Nearby - A beautiful house built in 1928 by Shell Oil company using imported bricks from Holland. 3 bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath large lot in quiet residential area called Diadema Argentina, near Comodoro. Only about 100 families live here. For peace and quiet and geting away from it all, this is a great place. Neighbors are mostly long time residents and excelent people. Lots of wind in the winter and in the summer the days start at 4 AM and sun sets at 10 PM. We moved to Corrientes Argentina, and need to sell this property as it is too far away to adminstrate properly. Will trade for land in Corrinentes ...

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