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Land For Building For Sale in Rucava Municipality Latvia

34,000 €
Property Near Sea; Land For Building - Three land plots (No 2; 5; 6)-each for the construction of one household (residential house and 3-4 Auxiliary buildings) in Nida, Municipality Rucava. Building density 20%. Real estate can be purchased by a non-resident of the EU as a private person. 2-Ground 6103 sq/m. To the Sea 300 m-price 54 000 EUR 5-Ground 5208 sq/m. To the Sea 350 m-price 39 000 EUR 6-Ground 5343 sq/m. To the Sea 490 m-Price 34 000 EUR Nearby 4 land plots have been sold, electricity has been attracted to all the land plots on this line, boreholes have been built for purchased water, sewerage has been built, temporary residential buildings have been installed. About 40 km from Liepaja, 5 km from the Lithuanian border, 15 km from airport Palanga, a natural and ecologically clean environment by the ...

Home For Sale in Latvia

90,000 €
New House In Bernati - House (new building) with plot of 1 ha in Bernati, 15 km from Liepaja to the direction of Lithuania. There is a garage, sauna with room on the second floor, the barn-storehouse, smoke. Convenient transportation, close to the pine forest, 10 minutes walk to the ...

Villa For Sale in Ziemupe, Latvia

399,000 €
Villa Diana - High quality repair, parquet floors just after cosmetic repairs, new plumbing, new radiators, warm floors in the bathtub. Near the sea (about 800m) and the forest, Villa is located in a parked area of 1.5 hectares. Villa is located 25 km from Liepaja to Ventspils. It is possible to buy and lease several plots in this way to increase the area to 30 hectares with a maritime boundary: Plot 3.3 ha 85 000 EUR Plot 4.7 ha 100 000 EUR Plot 5.12 ha 100 000 EUR Plot about 4.5 ha 45 000 EUR Plot 4.33 ha 75 000 EUR The area with 10 ha and maritime boundary may be rented. Plots 4.7 ha and 5.12 ha have a detailed planning for the construction of 40 houses and a road from the local road to the ...

6 Storey Building For Sale in Liepaja, Latvia - Klaipedas 19/21

2,000,000 €
6 Storey Building - 6 storey building for enterprise purposes of 70 200 sq/m in historical part of Liepaja, near city center. Building is in exploitation since 1986. Gas heating system and 3-phase electricity. Whole building has undergone renovation and insulation including water, sewage and heating system. First and second storey are suitable for trading purposes. Now half of the building has been rented for shops and learning center. Land plot 4953 ...

Hotel For Sale in Nica Municipality, Latvia

100,000 €
House At Sea - 1)House at the sea next to the highway Liepaja-Klaipeda, 3 km from Liepaja. House of 500 m2, 17 residential premises, 6 bathrooms. Heating with gas stove. Its water (well) and drain. Pond, barn, cellar, courtyard, garage for 3 cars. Natural gas storage facility of 2500 liters (enough for 3 years). Has oldest well in Kurzeme and 2,2 ha of land - 650 000 EUR 2)8,76 ha of land, 3 km from Liepaja and starts from the highway Liepaja-Klaipeda, maritime boundary 340 m, plot for individual and commercial development. You can buy it as a company (that is registered in Latvia with no debt and has not any other restrictions) - 400 000 EUR 3)1,4 ha of land with 1 store living house - 100 000 ...

Lot/Land For Sale in Ziemupe, Latvia

378,000 €
Property Near Sea, Beach House - It is possible to buy this property for 2 EUR per m2 and besides this one there are other properties and it is possible to get together around 50 hectares of land near ...

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