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One of our many suggested designs for your custom villa on your beachfront lot...

Custom-Built Beachfront Villas For Sale in Salinas Grandes, Leon, Nicaragua

Your Own Custom Beachfront Villa On The Nicaraguan Riviera

Asking Price: $150,000 USD  (Negotiable - Financing Available)


Where You Will Enjoy the Most Unspoiled and Best Beach on the Beautiful Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

Where is This Paradise?
The Beachfront Properties of the Nicaraguan Riviera are directly on an immense and very beautiful beach of golden sand only recently “discovered” near the fishing and farming community of Salinas Grandes about 20 kilometers south of the city of Leon on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan Riviera offers you a genuinely pristine, natural and unspoiled beachfront opportunity.

First – the Only Negative
The beach is truly world-class and the estates are large, serviced, easily accessible and very affordable. Unfortunately, the supply of these wonderful opportunities is quite limited – and, to date, “to see is to buy” has been the common response of North American visitors. Our clients generally have experience in the search for the ideal winter vacation, retirement or investment property and will find all that they are searching for on the Nicaraguan Riviera.

The Beach …
The Nicaraguan Riviera beach is nothing but pure golden sand reaching for the horizon in both directions. It will surely be among the longest and widest beaches that you will have ever seen. It is decorated only with beautiful arrays of seashells that will entice the collector in you. There are no rocks, holes or other hazards in the water or on the beach. There are no crowds; in fact, until you, your guests and your new neighbors arrive, there will be no one to bask in the sun on “your beach” that borders your property. The sand slopes very gently into the sea so that the surf breaks far from the water's edge and one can wade far from shore to enjoy the surf. Of course, the water of the Pacific is pleasantly warm, buoyant and soothing.

Mother Nature at the Beach
Wildlife on and around your property will be limited to a variety of aquatic and other colorful birds, including pelicans soaring in formation and diving into the surf, and various brightly colored types. The few other natural inhabitants include the small ubiquitous lizards that are typically found in southern climes. You will be pleasantly surprised by the absence of most insect pests. Aside from the occasional housefly or small ant foraging in your kitchen (and easily dealt with), you should be left quite alone by non-humans – even at night – when the lights on your patio attract nothing but a few hopeful tiny lizards that will join in the conversation with the occasional chirp. Perhaps this is because the larger wild inhabitants live a short distance down the road and across an estuary in the Juan Babinos Nature Preserve where kayak tours are offered.

At Home in Paradise
Our experienced builder is waiting to provide you with your dream home (and perhaps even a charming guesthouse) on your beachfront estate. You may soon visit our existing villas that will illustrate the high quality of our building skills, the overall construction expertise we offer and the top quality materials and finishes that we provide. You will be impressed by the quality of the steel-reinforced concrete construction, the flawless custom colored stucco wall finishes, the maintenance-free tile floors both inside and in the patios, decks and exterior walkways. You will admire the large fully tiled kitchens and bathrooms, the high quality air-conditioning as well as the appliances and furnishings packages offered.
Most of all – you will be impressed by the low cost of your villa residence. It will be a fraction of what you would expect to pay in your hometown or in other popular tropical vacation or retirement locations. Your price will also be exceptionally competitive with local prices.
Your new home will be custom built for you in the elegant Mediterranean villa style that is so well suited, both esthetically and functionally to your new lifestyle on the Nicaraguan Riviera. You will choose from designs featuring elegant archways with high ceilings and beautifully tiled floors. You may choose from an array of the most up-to-date and upscale appliances and entertainment options. You will select from a range of patio styles and may include quarters for your maid or guests.

Lots - More Than You Bargained For
Your villa will be constructed on your own private lot in an exclusive, walled and gated estate that fronts directly on the beautiful, world-class beach. Our gated estates average close to 200 feet in depth with areas in the range of one-quarter of an acre up to several acres. Thus, our estate communities will range in size from two or three up to twelve or more, private villas, each on its own custom landscaped lot.
Our planning also includes a centrally located community center complete with a swimming pool, recreation facilities, shops and guestrooms.

Landscaping will feature tiled walkways through ornamental gardens that feature the exotic floral species and palms that are provided by the Nicaraguan horticulturists.

We anticipate that some investors will recognize the incredible investment potential that individual ownership of more than one villa or even an entire gated estate will offer. Accordingly, we will work with such buyers to reach acceptably discounted prices.

You’ll be Well Connected
While our Nicaraguan Riviera is a very private and unspoiled vacation haven you will not be isolated or “cut off from the world” in any way. On the contrary, you will have all the privacy that you want - when you want it – but you will still have full contact with “the outside world”.
You will be only 90 minutes by an excellent highway from the international airport at Managua, and 30 minutes from fine shopping, medical services, restaurants and cultural facilities in the country’s second largest city, and cultural center, Leon. There is even a regular bus from Salinas Grandes to Leon several times daily.
You can be in contact with the world through your DirecTV dish, your high-speed internet satellite service and your cell phone or wireless house phone.

Shopping and City Life
The local city of Leon, 35 minutes away, offers large well-stocked North American style supermarkets, good restaurants, fast-food establishments, hotels, a teaching hospital with English-speaking residents, impressive cathedrals and art galleries
There are also local merchants, at the beach, who will provide you with the best and freshest seafood (gourmet shrimp, fish and lobster) at your door or their shops just minutes from your door. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be sold from a truck at your gate. The low prices of the local foods will please you.

Doing What Comes Naturally
Rest and relaxation come naturally on the Nicaraguan Riviera. Unwinding from the entanglements of the world and corporate life is a naturally occurring therapy for those who will accept it at The Nicaraguan Riviera. Each day comes with an optional “siesta break” during the mid-day period when swimming, sipping a cool libation in the shade of your thatched patio (perhaps in your hammock), or even watching “All My Children” on TV in your air-conditioned living room are customary and acceptable activities. Outside of your “siesta break” long walks on the beach are almost mandatory along with conversation, gardening, fishing, entertaining and sightseeing.

Volcanoes, Cathedrals and Much More
Nicaragua is a very picturesque country that offers many attractive tourist venues ranging from historic cities like Granada, the oldest city in all the Americas and a meticulously preserved tourism gem, to the National Volcano Park where you are required to park facing downhill at the lip of a huge, active volcanic crater. On the brighter, more practical side you could actually knock an annoying little brother, or brother-in-law, over the edge and into the active volcano’s crater – or, at least, contemplate the event and/or threaten to do so!
Between visits to cathedrals and volcanoes you will find many day trips full of superb shopping for crafts, art galleries, charming eateries, scenery and tours of coffee and sugar plantations.

Every Evening About Six O’Clock
The evenings are especially wonderful on the Nicaraguan Riviera. Each evening brings a sunset that rivals the best you have ever seen. You may watch the sun as it slips into the sea in front of your villa each day at about 6:00 PM to begin an evening of balmy breezes, sparkling heavens and the sounds of the surf. There seems to be no night – just long, pleasant balmy evenings that eventually turn into mornings. There is no “light pollution” and every star and satellite is on display at maximum resolution and intensity.

Weather or Not
The local “dry season” coincides with the North American winter and is referred to as summer in Nicaragua. It seldom rains during the dry season and the humidity is extremely low which mitigates the mid-day temperature. As you would expect, the alternative to “dry season” is “rainy season” and, indeed, there will be some well-needed and substantial downpours between May and October to help your landscaping. However, do not be alarmed by the term “rainy season”. It only rains about as often as it does in the eastern USA – but some of the downpours are substantial. On the plus side the countryside is very lush with brilliant greens and vibrant colors.

When You Are Absent …
You should not be concerned about ongoing maintenance and security. Our property management staff of local resident caretakers will look after your property and any routine bills when you cannot be there, and even when you are in residence, for a modest monthly fee. Should you wish to let your property “pay for itself” through its rental income potential we will provide access to a “rental pool” through the property management service.

About This Property

Salinas Grandes
Salinas Grandes
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Features - Amenities

  • Ocean Waterfront
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Maid's Quarters
  • Maid's Bathroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Patio
  • Cable TV
  • Choose From Our Wide Selection Of Design Options.
  • Work With Our Experienced Custom Builder To Create The Beachfront Villa Of Your Dreams - At A Very Affordable Price.
  • You Will Select Your Appliances And Landscaping Options From A Wide Range Of The Best Available Choices.
  • Please Go To Our Website At "thenicaraguanriviera" For Additional Details And Photos.

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