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Barra Do Jacuipe Bahia..

Resort For Sale in Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil

Compact Paradise Resort

Asking Price: 600,000 €  (Negotiable)


New movie in the site, with complete street paving !

compact resort for sale, (just 8 very comfortable rooms for a huge area of 6400 sq meters) built with extreme quality, to last forever.
In the mouth of the (big) Jacuipe River - close to Salvador Airport !!
Frequent inquiry questions answered :
1. picture is at river/ocean mouth beach ( but property is NOT on waterfront )
2. don't ask me for more pictures here or via email. Full pictures, movies & full info can be found in the site address below.
Please, click on link below for a good buying experience .

Price is unbelievable now : need to sell. 650.000 US Dollars.
ADVANTAGE for buyers ! Big improvements on street pavement : Access streets NOW are fully PAVED in CONCRETE BLOCKS !
Price became incredibly attractive now !
Need to sell due to family move to Europe.
Excellent currency oportunity.

(convenient payment-partial transfer to european or american accounts)

Perfect place for phylosophical/religious/cultural foundations's activities, training and immersion programs - excellent energy with prodigious nature connection ! 

Always used primarily for music production, was conceived, built and equipped for hosting - but never used as a real resort.
Excellent maintenance - everything like brand-new
Absolute preference for all-furniture/apparel/equipment inclusion in this real state business
Paradise of almost virgin beaches, few minutes away from Salvador of Bahia International Airport.

Excellent access !

  • Geographic Position : Google finder (with pictures) :
or search for "coaxo do sapo"
  • Formal Mayor permission for Commercial activity
  • All licenses already valid (INEMA, Conder, Bahia State, Camaçari) )
  • (opcional item for transfer) Hostel Enterprise, ready with CNPJ, State enrollment etc... & banking Account operations for Credit Card, etc (no debits,zero legal troubles)
  • Full land area : 7941,374 yd², lots # 05, 06 & 07 , Rua J, Block D , surrounded by brick walls, fence protection spikes over all perimeter.
  • Building Area 1435 yd².
  • Km 30,5 Estrada do C"co (BA-99), in a controlled area (Condomínio Planeta Água, with concierge) , sub-condominium resident´s association of lots A B C D do Vale da Landirana – closed area, and additional concierge.
  • Neighborhood : Barra do Jacuípe – Litoral de Camaçari- Bahia
  • GOOD NEWS !!! 100% PAVED road, with concrete sidewalks and a square with leisure equipments
  • COELBA : Commercial tri-phase electrical supply (industrial distribution circuit)
  • Front : beautiful green iron fence (Metalon) enameled with anti-corrosion Hammerit. Reason for front fence : non-ostensive/hostile appearance for curiosity (no invasion, no threats in more than 19 years ! )
  • Strong security - neighborhood surveillance
  • Resort capacity : 24 persons (without extra beds), + 3 extra beds
  • SUITES : total of 8 Suítes measuring 19,13 yd² internal , plus 7,17 yd² porch . Disposition of suites- 2 each module.
  • 4 suites w/double beds, 4 suites w/ single beds + floor beds (total 4 persons each suite)
  • Lorenzetti Shower “4 Temperaturas” in all 8 suites, sanitary ceramic Incepa, slippery-proof ceramic LEF flooring, high impact.
  • Doors and Windows made of solid wood, Angelim-Pedra, all La Fonte locks, brass hinges
  • Box decoration in fabric (Tactel hidro-repeller),crochet cotton light fixtures (Ceará),embroidered cotton courtains,with blackout screen,
and a complete lot of north/earstern country-style handcrafted leather pictures (by Betania – João Pessoa)
  • Hammock hooks (brass) in all porches, lot of 16 typical cotton hammocks, from Belém, Pará.
  • All porches Face EAST (morning sun only, afternoon shadow) , each module with 1 table and 2 chairs made of solid Massaranduba
  • Coaxial TV network already installed on all suites, cable TV (Sky) already connected in 3 points. Parabolic antena strategically protected from trees-growing (for permanent satellite sight )
  • Complete lot of beds (all solid wood – no MDF ! ), mattresses, quality pillows, bed sheets and pillowcases, artistic, all linen made of rare 200 thread Braspérola “Percal” (rarity), bath and face towels in pure cotton, by Karsten.

  • Central Module – 182 yd² octagon: living room,(TV/Library), Cozinha, WC central with general shower, small Pantry and Veranda-Bar
  • Special security doors made of solid Pau D’ Arco, La Fonte locks, brass hinges. Rustic ceramic floor.
  • Huge window Kiosk type (bar), made of Pau D’ Arco, with night lock.
  • Veranda : tables and chairs made of massaranduba, for 16 persons.
  • Thematic decoration, Velha Bahia ark, wood fishes, turtle, ceramic fishes, saddles from Vitoria da Conquista, typical basketries from North/ Northeast of Brazil
  • Semi-industrial kitchen, massaranduba shelves, kitchen cabinet made of Angelim-Pedra, drawer kitchen cabinet
  • External washing área, with additional sinks and granite table for vegetable cutting..
  • 2 independent water tanks in this module , inter-connectable.
  • Pantry – shelves in solid wood, with anti-insects screen-door.

  • Swimming pool : volume of 76,3 m³ (20153 gal) (diameter 9m, depth 1,20m), sturdy structure in double-concrete-box, structural Project by Francisco Peixoto Engenharia, ceramic coating in beautiful gradual mosaic (2 blue tonalities) with industrial ceramic flooring by Gail, high impact .
  • Complete leisure stucture: big barbecue grill, Eucalliptus kiosk (by Venturolli) with anti-termites treament, 40 cm diameter, Ecologic roofing, , 4 patio chase long chairs, 3 plastic tables and 24 chairs for barbecues.
  • Concrete floor around swimming pool, with Gail industrial fllor, anti-slippery, surrounded by half-wall, with 04 metal doors (for kids security) enameled with anti-corrosion Hammerit paint.
  • Rustic bamboo shower .

  • Concrete/Massaranduba kiosk measuring 30yd², ecological roof, anti-slippery ceramic floor by LEF High Impact, semi-industrial pizza owen with ceramic chimney.

  • Games saloon: measuring 68 yd² , its own WC, anti-slippery ceramic floor by LEF High Impact, sanitary pieces Incepa, double solid doors of Angelim-Pedra (open to gardens) with La Fonte locks, brass hinges. Official billiard table, 2 sets of marble balls, 2 sets of professional cues, 2 Air Hockey machines, 1 Pebolim (totó) table , 1 official ping pong table (Procopio),01 Reebok Threadmill model TR 1, made in UK. Dedicated lighting with 02 industrial acrylic fixtures, 02 commercial fans, on-wall with dimmer.
  • Auxiliar kitchen, with sink, solid wood drawer kitchen cabinet, pantry shelves, horizontal freezer and extra refrigerator.

  • 03 huge garden umbrellas , made of wood/artistically stamped fabrics, and 03 concrete bases/tables
  • Big orchard of exotic fruit trees, most in full production : dozens of mangabeiras, sapotis, pitangueiras, jambeiros, 3 cajueiros (nice anual production ), 1 cajazeira, 1 tamarindeiro, 1 siriguela, 4 coqueiros , and decorative : piaçava, coco-uricuri, a big veranda garden (studio module) with 25 "xaxim" vases and a collection of ferns, with dripping irrigation made in Germany (Gardena)
  • Well-ventilated (sea wind) and full of shadows : Preservation area occupies 60% of the land (many hardwood species , incredible profusion of native birds )
  • Irrigation pump (from artesian well) with 2Hp , feeding a pipe network , with 03 distribuition points of water for hose watering – 03 industrial sprinklers .
  • Consolidated lawn with 2391 yd² of grass Esmeralda species by Gramaro
  • Garden lighting – 25 bamboo light fixtures
  • Complete PABX – installed and operating in all modules
  • Surveillance network - 12 cameras , standup recorder operating from hidden place
  • Laundry, linen room, 2 maintenance rooms , 1 big general storage
  • Events Building (Previous purpose of this module was a musical studio) Ideal for meetings , courses, coachings, etc. to place a bar/pub/lounge-restaurant, even with live music (good acoustic insolation due to acoustic/thermal fillings of concrete walls and ceilings: total 4 rooms, areas : a) 54,41 / b) 30,61 / c) 25,47 / d) 27,26 yd² ) all in double concrete walls, vinyl flooring (Paviflex), concrete slab plus roofing, ceiling 4,50m tall (except room c) with mezanine 3m height , with concrete slab )
Huge garden-veranda 2m wide, with artistic “burnt concrete” floor in coloured mosaic, security-glass windows , with protection iron grids (enameled with Hammerit anti-corrosion), solid Pau d‘Arco double doors, La Fonte locks, brass hinges, 5 air conditioners (splits).

  • 04 elevated water tanks, plus 02 floor- reserve tanks with 10.000 liters each, for drought season – 2 elevatory towers with pumps. One of the towers is a sculpture made of wood trunks of Eucaliptum from Venturolli, with naval steel cable moorage.
  • Depletion load through 3 concrete digesters, the biggest (kitchen/central module) measuring 5m diameter, 3m depth, and easy access for cleaning.
  • 6 person aluminium boat, with 25 HP outboard motor , with boat trailer, for Jacuípe and Capivara rivers’ rides.
  • The area in front of River Jacuípe, (crossing the front road, not contiguous) is an ecological reserve area of 37.000yd², granted to me by the Municipality of Camaçari, (not included, but also negotiable). River waters are just 100 meters away, with community access and boat ramp (both exclusive for local Residents Association). The land of the resort is over a "plateau" - 3 meters higher than the river reserve's level.

OBS : Additional piece of land (neighbour land that was advertised here ) WAS SOLD ALREADY .

About This Property

Ba 99 Km 30,5
Rua J Qd D Lt 5 6 7
Bahia 42833000
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
6,640 m2
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Maid's Quarters
  • Maid's Bathroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Studio Room
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Gym/Spa
  • Cable TV

Contact - More Information

Phone:   +55 71 988807859  (Phone & whattsapp)
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