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Bar/restaurant For Rent in Nongkhai, Thailand

Income Peacefull Retirement On The Mekong River

Meeting Place Nong Khai Est. !0 yrs
now recognized as the 7th best retirement location in the world , by “Retirement America” and has been featured in Escape America


To see more of the Meeting Place go

The Meeting Place Guesthouse has been operation for 11 years and still is recommended in all major Travel Guides It is the longest serving establishment of it's kind in Thailand and the many articles . tourist/travel type videos and references to it have helped enormously to maintain an International Presence . It has always been the unofficial "Meeting Place " for expatriate business people from Laos who come here regularly to meet and do business in Thailand We are privilege to the pertinent information on "what's happening in Laos", do storage and shipping and generally assist with introductions etc.

The Laos visa service, recommended in most travel guides This is also the longest serving service in Nong Khai We have been providing Same Day Tourist Visas To Laos for 9 years . This service also generates income on a regular basis with the Expatriate community who have to (according to their visa status) to cross the border into Laos every 2 or 3 months and return so as to activate the next visa. The customer obtains and fills out correctly all the visa forms here, (we charge only 300 Bt for the service) crosses the Friendship Bridge and returns in about 40 minutes here for a drink and food and accommodation. NOTE Hundreds and hundreds of Expatriates also cross the border at Sadao on the Malaysian border and return to Thailand every 3 months to activate the new visa,( as required by the Thai Immigration Dept for those holding Tourist and Non Immigrant visas) the only reason they go to this trouble, time and effort is that there is no Visa fee to Malaysia ( in comparison to Laos $30 ) but it is an arduous boring 2 day journey . It is rumoured that very soon Laos will have to waive visa fee, with the right publicity and advertising in the Bangkok Post.... Nong Khai will then be the "Visa Run Destination" bringing all previous Sadao "Visa Runner's" here for overnight or 6 or 7 hrs of eating and drinking before the 5 pm return train to B/K. The Meeting Place has the best known Visa service in Thailand so is in a prime position to capitalise on this situation .

Guesthouse/Restaurant / Bar / Tropical palm garden restaurant/Bar

Depending on the capabilities of the management of the time this business it has been very good to just OK , there are two other similar restaurant/bars here at the moment, the Danish Baker, he is in a prominent position on the main street and possibly make just enough to cover his beer intake costs . Nobby's Bar ( A BAR BUT NO GIRLS )is on the waterfront market street and has very limited parking and not much passing trade , his situation is the same as the Danish Baker , a new Kiwi Restaurant has opened , a very small shophouse and is getting the local trade now as we have been closed to the general public for 4 months . If the right person re-opens here and produces the right sort of food ( we will help with the menu the trade WILL comes back . The Bar sells about I keg of Draught every 3 days ( the profit from that alone is around 12,000 bht ) plus bottle beer at 24 a day another 12,000 bht plus.

Includes Transfer of lease, which is 5,000 Bt per month

Payable at 6 monthly intervals .. 3 years at a time we are currently asking for the lease to be extended to 6
year periods
The Vietnamese built all teak two story house ( brick walls on ground level ) was built 25 years ago and is
in very good condition it is now owned by the grand son of the original builder whose parents are both Doctors in USA..
He has never bothered to come here and look at the place and we pay the rent to the Uncle who lives in
Nong Khai , he is a very nice gentleman who on request agreed to drop the
original lease cost of 10,000 per month to 5,000 bht just one year ago .

Any major maintenance would be carried out by us and it would be deducted from the rent
We have never claimed for minor repairs but regard it as normal maintenance

Company Pty Limited, We will form a new old Company Limited for you ,normal cost 30,000 bt You would have 6 Thai partners which have already signed share release forms and signed Company minutes, you will have the sole Bank Account you will be the sole managing Director, you can buy and sell without any trouble ( THIS I HAVE PROVED PERSONALLY ,I BOUGHT A BLOCK OF LAND ON THE WATERFRONTAND SOLD IT WITHOUT ANY PARTICIPATION OF OTHER COMPANY MEMBERS , ALL COMPLETED AND PAID FOR IN ONE DAY ) Working permit, it is necessary for "peace of mind " if you are to have a high profile in business. Non Immigrant visa A Non Immigrant visa is necessary to maintain your Company, buy a car, get married, etc . we will help you get the best visa for your situation AN INTERNATIONAL Drivers license for 10 yrs costs 2,500 bht ( no test)

Guest house has 4 large double rooms one small maids room upstairs (two of these rooms can be divided to 4 smaller if required.
Restaurant /Bar ... Tables and chairs seating .. Draught Carlsberg cooler /fridge Coke fridge .. 2 sat TV Out door bar and garden restaurant Tables and 20 chairs
Kitchen .. I large stainless steel fridge freezer.. household fridge .... gas ... microwave cooking and table ware Restaurant and Guest house/bar toilets 4 European style urinal , Thai style hot showers

Owners completely self contained apartment that includes the Office which adjoins the Bar Restaurant Bed room I TV . 2 satellite dish control units big dbl. bed Kitchen.. fully equip ... western toilet hot shower Lounge/ Dining room with TV.
NOTE ,,, if the lessee/owner does not want to live here then th “owners unit can be altered to 3 separate rooms .

Office Fully equipped

Computer 166 mxx * 128 meg ram .... BP Scanner. .
17 " TV. Security camera & monitor / intercom of bar and restaurant and front gate
3 phone lines.. Flat bed fax / copier ....

Reason for sale ...... Over the years I have accumulated two blocks of land and a Tropical Palm Farm all which are being neglected. I would consider selling also the Palm Farm of 6000 trees between 2 yrs and 6 years old for around $35,000

1 have 10 acres of prime land with adjoining year round running water and spillway alongside a main road only 15 klm from Nong Khai with electricity and phone. It is an ideal rural setting in which to live develop the Tropical Palm Farm, plant out the 2,500 ..2 year old Foxtail and Fishtail palms which are now ready ,build a large 4-5 acre dam to breed Tilapia ( fast growing fresh water fish ) in cages .
If you are interested in fish farming we have all the info necessary .
download a search engine named “ <;” it will give ALL the info you need .

I would consider leasing the business fully equipt for 15,000 bht per month

The complete business including the web page Real Estate minus my wife and the Expat Visa Service which I will still operate from the Palm farm where we are moving to ( only 4 klm away ).
We have plans for a retirement village ,23 houses already built on the side of the Mekong all except 3 empty , this is a good opportunity for an “Real Estate “man !
Keep in mind there are big plans for Nong khai , we are the longest foreign owned and best known business in Nong Khai .
any advice needed will be freely given , however the reason I am leaving is that I am tired of the continual business side of things and need to slow down before I fall down !

see photos of the "Ol Farts Retirement village" we can arrange to purchace the whole lot has not been maintained for about 4 years now but I can see no faults with the buildings and the situation beside the river is quite peacefull as it is 7 lkm out of town on a new flat "wheelchair racing road " ?retire

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