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Just add anything you want, awning, carport, etc. Comes with free water, solar and septic...
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Beach House For Sale in Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Beach House On 1/4 Acre In Absolute Paradise

Asking Price: $29,900 USD

Here is an offer that can’t be beat—according to Google!

When you Google “beach house for sale under $50,000USD,” Google says there are “no results” in that search of the entire world. Now… there is at least one and this is it!

Would you like to live on this 3.5 km beach in a newly forming community of ex-pats? You won’t be alone regardless of what Google says.

The beach house is made from a rust proof weatherized Corten Steel shipping container converted into a cement and stucco 24 foot by 8 foot home. The “bulletproof” steel walls remain between the stucco and the insulated wood interior. The louver windows are tinted glass, see out great, see in not.

This pillar of strength sits on a quarter acre of beach land, 4.5 miles from the main town of Savusavu, Fiji. The beach house is “moveable/transportable” so you own it and you can move it anytime you wish. The safety, strength and endurance of the home is phenomenal, as demonstrated with their being able to be stacked 9 high on ocean crossing ships. You certainly can’t do that with a conventional house.

You can add rooms on to this one and make a double wide, even spread the units apart with a big covered deck in between, like the "Double Eagle" shown in the photos. That will cost another $39,000. So, with this beach house, you have options.

The beach property site is a ¼ acre lot, right on the beach facing the ocean with the huge protecting reef one mile out providing a safe barrier to big waves or big anything. Within the barrier reef protected waters you can safely swim, kayak and snorkel inside the lagoon, and the sand is white and soft.

The lot site is beautifully set in a grove of trees. There’s plenty of room for a storage shed and carport as you wish.

The quarter acre beach site rental is $220 per month which includes free water, rubbish removal, septic, grounds, road and beach maintenance. The beach property is a government TLTB land lease for 99-years. That should suffice as it is more than a lifetime for most of us.

The total cost is the price of the house and $220 per month for the lot site.

The beach house is insulated and with lots of windows for cross ventilation and a double roof keeps it cool year round as the cool sea breeze provides nature’s natural air conditioning. The interior is as pictured ready for you to add a fridge and furniture, which you can buy cheap here in Fiji where they make it fine from local timber. The deck is just 8’ by 8’ and can be doubled for about $450 USD. A 20’ by 10’ awning is just $350. Add that or anything else you want, anytime you want.

Living life in Fiji is a big part of the reason to own this beach house. You can live very well on $1200 USD per month here. Free healthcare is a great draw and there are private super hospitals that compete with free, so free to low-cost medical is the way in Fiji.

The mountains, the streams, rivers and open spaces, beaches and clean air, healthy natural food, artesian waters, all contribute to good health so healing is the side effect of this lifestyle. Many folks here are off the meds and looking and feeling good now. …And we can have your residency worked out so you can live here for as long as you want. And where in the world can you join a yacht club for just $20 per year? Foreigners are welcome.

A small deposit will secure this one of a kind offer and ensure your future on this beautiful beach.

There’s more to talk about, so just ask and I will get back to you with answers. Just ask Robert

About This Property

1 White Sand Beach Way
Vanua Levu
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
190 Sq. Ft
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Ocean Waterfront
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Patio
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Mobile Phone Service
  • White Sandy Beach
  • Sat Tv
  • Free Water
  • Solar
  • Septic Tank

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

Just add anything you want, awning, carport, etc. ..
Raintree ply and light grain interior..
To the beach.....
Bedroom area..
The beach..
Grove of trees next door..
The Double Eagle made from two 24 foot units...
more beach..
Real beach with great barrier reef to protect from..
bathroom, shower, sink, toilet hot water...

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