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Resort style club house and swimming pool...
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5k-10k-20k Trail Running, Hiking And Off The Grid. For Sale in Pencahue, Maule Region, Chile

Trail Running, Hiking And Off The Grid Sustainable Community

Asking Price: $90,000 USD  (Financing Available)

TerraFlora-patagonia. run Co-housing is an intentional, off the grid community of private single family homes with traditional shared spaces featuring a Club house, that includes a large kitchen, dining area, technology-office area, swimming pool, recreational area, laundry, bathroom and guest suites for small and big families.

A 5k and 10k running and hiking trail has been completed by Patagonia. run, and we are working on a 20k running and hiking trail in partnership with Patagonia. run

Households have independent incomes and private lives, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities and shared spaces. Community activities can feature scheduled shared meals, meetings, family hiking, camping, and families can gather for Hollidays, family nights , parties, games, movies or other events.

TerraFlora at cerró del Ángel is located in a Blue Zone area where people live exceptionally long lives, most likely a combination of low stress, mild weather, 7.7 ph water, clean air, organic olive oil and wine produced locally in Pencahue and unlimited organic fruits, vegetables and meats Thru the year.

Our community is not focused or interested in political ideologies, fear based agendas, conspiracy theories or anything gloom and doom. Our main focus and goal is to become as self sustainable and healthy as possible by working smart and serving each other in some way to impact each other life’s.

We have guest suites available for families to visit or move in while we build their home, process is simple and transparent, you confirm the date, we arrange pickup from the airport and drive straight to the farm, and after a 10 day quarantine we get the Chilean id number, close on the lot and start building you’re home, and move in 4-5 months.

We produce lots of fruits, vegetable and meats. Over 200 producing organic trees. Includes avocados, Apple, pears, peaches, olives, lemons, oranges, walnuts, almonds, black berries, cherries, figs, etc.

What to expect if you’re family moves to TerraFlora community and farm;

  • only 8 residential lots available for development.
  • Founder family with two kids living full time in the community.
  • 2 family days-nights every week for families. BBQ, movie night, Pool parties, pizza parties and theme parties to keep the kids busy and wife’s happy.
  • All amenities are completed, first house is already build and founder family is living there.
  • mild weather Thru the year. Not to hot, not to cold.
  • never have to mower the grass, grass always stay short because of sheep.
  • all you can eat organic fruits, vegetables and meats.
  • drink and bath on spring water with 7.7 ph
  • several miles of paths for exploring. 5k-10k run-hiking trails completed.
  • 30 minute drive to medium size city with hospital, schools and shopping.
  • juice-coffee, sprouts and wine bar. No smoking or hard liquors allowed on common areas.
  • We can arrange pickup from airport and drive straight to the community. (3-4 hours)

(2) acre lots from $90,000 USA dollars.

Why $90,000? We invest over one million dollars between land, off the grid development and building all the amenities, so $90,000 is a family fair share of the combined costs and benefits.

Club house expenses are very low, around $300.00 per month per family to cover for caretaker, landscaper, cleaning and general maintenance (2) people. Includes Electricity-gas, cleaning supplies, etc.

Cost of food; we share and there is no cost for food growth on the farm, including fruits, vegetables.
Organic chicken and lamb is also included.

At the restaurant will share costs of food preparation-drinks on family nights, a couple of dollars per person will do it.

Estimated cost of living ? $800.00-$1,200.00 per month. Families of four living in the community.

  • Electricity with a/c running in summer $150.00 per month, winter $50.00 a month.
  • food $500-$600 a month if you buy organic and imported foods, USA brands.
  • cell phone $20.00 each phone
  • gas for heating water and cooking $80.00 per month
  • gasoline for car $100.00 per month,
  • $300.00 monthly community fees for maintenance.
If you have more question please don’t hesitate to ask.

About This Property

Maule Region
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
2 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Mountain View
  • Pet Friendly
  • Laundry Room
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Cable TV
  • -Easy Access And New Asphalted Road.
  • -Mountain And Volcanoes Views.
  • -Full Size Restaurant With Coffee, Tea, Wine And Sprout-Micro Greens Bar.
  • -Organic Short Crops Field (365 Days A Year)
  • -Organic Free Range Chicken And Sheep.
  • -Italian Made Wood Oven Pizza In Restaurant.
  • -Swimming Pool
  • -Suites For Residents And Guests.
  • -Very Safe Area With Zero Crime, With Double Gate Entrance.
  • -Complementary Stay In One Of The Suites While Building You’re Home.
  • -Oversized Living-Flex Space For Entertainment And Socialize With Other Families..
  • -Miles Of Walking Trails Thru The Mountains And Views Of The Cordillera And Volcanoes.
  • -Good Cell Phone Signal.
  • -Lots Of Rabbits, Quail, Birds And Fish On River.
  • -“never Have To Cut The Grass”, Only Short Grass Growth On The Hills. And The Sheep Do The Final Touch.

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

Resort style club house and swimming pool...
Front porch new home..
House lot #3..
Community swimming pool ready for guests..
Club house..
First home completed and family move in already..
Same view from lots 2 Thru 10..
View from living room, clouds under the house..
Italian wood/gas oven pizza on restaurant..
Premium suite..
Suites bathrooms..
Swimming pool near club house..
Clubhouse swimming pool..
Club house media room with 70” tv. Chairs and sofa..
Lot 9 and 10..
Lot 9 and 10..
Resident sheep..
My son Nico..

Contact - More Information

Cesar Puente Pilgrim
Phone:   011569 71430911 (Chile)
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