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casa de ttrabajo..
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Farm/Ranch For Sale in Near Panaba And Tizimin, Yucatán, Mexico

Farm /Ranch Agroaquaculture On-Site Fish & Animal Feed Maker

Asking Price: $249,000 USD  (Negotiable - Financing Available)


There will never be a better time to seriously consider and follow through with buying property in Yucatán, Mexico. Safety, security, stability, and a future you, your family, friends, and/or co-investors can count upon.

Yeah, I know you´ve heard it all before. How about "But this time it is true!" And it is! How about this ranch/farm is not only a great property, unique in its own way, but you will save about half to 3/4 of your operating costs, assuming your potential purchase will have at least something to do with animals, fish, or even raising bees to export honey while making a very handsome tax-free. not 6 months a year but try 12?

If none of that interests you then you have too much money and don´t mind throwing it away and so maybe you should be looking at million or multi-million dollar properties and not bother with us or our´s no matter how peaceful, profitable, or unique it may be or will become for you. No worries. Click on if you like, Its a free country. Mexico I mean. Thanks for dropping by or staying a while in any case!

Quick note: Our R.E. web-page is currently on Facebook at "Yucatán Ranch Farm and Home Real Estate and Consulting Services" and we have been helping good people find or build their dreams here in the paradise that is the Yucatán since even more importantly is our Duckweed Aquaculture page on FACEBOOK as well.

The Property:This is an amazing, good-sized property of 247 acres. Largely forested with a lot of plantable if mostly not-tractor-tillable, excellent, well-drained, mineral rich soil neither over-grazed, tilled nor poisoned with nor addicted to MNC, petroleum/natural-gas-based commercial fertilizers, or GMOs.

STOP THE PRESSES! PRICE REDUCED DUE TO ONGOING, SERIOUS FAMILY ILLNESSES... was from a month ago but is still valid as to why we feel we need to sell at this time. Medical bills have killed our limited capital resources and I am sure you know how that story goes.

As noted, we are selling (down-sizing really) because we feel it is best for all of as well as the ranch but me and my native-Spanish-speaking (with some good English), wife are not leaving the area. Why leave the most beautiful, safest, tranquil place on 4 continents and at least as many of the planet¨s largest islands´that I have traveled to, worked on, or lived on over the past 40 years? Not a chance! We just need something a lot smaller and more manageable for us and maybe 1-worker.

The point is that we will be here to help you get settled, make some of your initial improvements, along with some other fine folks that we can introduce you to and translate for as needed. The other part of not selling and running off to Timbuktoo or Miami is that I started in the family construction business at age 12 and got my first of two Contractor´licences at age 23 so have been designing, building, and remodeling for well over 40 years, including 15 in Mexico, if you may need a hand.

Although we already have a good deal of construction on site (3 houses and 2 out-buildings), our buyers may want to build their own house with their own or a new design and we can help with and facilitate anything your imagination and budget can come up with. The ranch also offers numerous additional, undeveloped, building sites available subject to your desires and needs.

FYI: If for any reason this ad disappears you can always reach us on FACEBOOK at Duckweed Aquaculture Yucatan, Gil Romero, or Agroaquaculture Yucatan

Our water is clean and plentiful and, while we were 100% active with the Tilapia farm, was tested at least 4 times a year by CESAY, the state agency whose biologists support, advise,and monitor farmed fish activities. In fact we are 100% clean, free of chemical pollutants or contamination of any kind and have a near perfect Ph of just under 7.

Largely because of the meteor that crashed near the state capital of Merida 65,000,000 years ago, all of our water arrives in stone-filtered underground rivers all the way up from Central America, passes under our ranch and region, and then empties into the sea about 25 miles from our ranch. Speaking of the sea: You will have easy, nearby access to some beautiful beaches and Nature gateways more or less within an hour from the ranch. In fact the whole coastline back to Merida and all the way around as far onwards as Cancun is gorgeous.

Talking about clean water!. Anyway it´s tested clean and pure and FYI, we were CESAY nominated the number 1 Tilapia farm (There were 17-20 others at the time) of our region our first year in operation for infrastructure design and construction and sanitary practices and this before we´d ever sold a fish!

Summary: There is so very much more to ranching/farming than cattle and/or sheep. What we ourselves have been and are interested in and committed to these past 12 years, is intellegent land, water, and resource use, and self-sufficiency, as much as possible, in a sustainable manner which means respecting the land and people around us and in earning money by investing prudently first by saving, not wasting money or precious time. We have been working hard at putting that philosphy into action for the long haul for ourselves and also for our community and the planet. Our buyers can of course do anything that pleases them with this property although we would be delighted if they share some of the values I just mentioned.

If you are considering buying, living, or simply visiting the Yucatán for an extended time, we hope you will take or make the time to explore and get to know at least a little of and about this remarkable, sometimes other-worldly, Yucatán especially if you are already considering buying and putting down roots as you also generate years of pleasant, productive, and profitable living and memories for yourself, your family and friends.

About This Property

Near Panaba And Tizimin
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
Needs Renovating:
247 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Furnished
  • Appliances
  • Pet Friendly
  • Studio Room
  • Patio
  • Cable TV
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Gated Entry 1km From Hwy
  • State And Local Police Patrol 24/7 Nice Guys!
  • Crime Rate Nil Save For Very Infrequent Cattle Theft
  • We Have Never Had An Entry Or Theft Of Any Kind In 12 Years
  • Guns And Drugs Of Any Kind Judiciously Controlled In Whole State
  • Property Owners Can Have Guns For Hunting. Should Register (Right, Let Me Get Back To That With You! If To Be Taken Off Property.
  • First House Has Two 220v Mini-Split Acs
  • New House Wired For 2-220v Mini-Splits
  • New House Has Wheel-Chair Access And Ecological, No Water Toilets
  • Ranch Wired For 3-Phase, Industrial Electricity With Three Meters
  • Two Existing Wells, One In Use Has New, 3-Phase, 5hp, 220v Pump
  • The New 5hp Pump Is Considerably Stronger Than The 10hp It Replaced And Is Considerably Cheaper To Run.
  • There Are At Least Two Additional Subsidized Rustic Wells.
  • One Has Solar Pump And Panels Plus Two 1500ltr Storage Tanks Pending.
  • We Are Permitted To Drill A Third Deep Well As Needed.
  • "High-Speed" Internet And Phone Pending New Modem
  • Drip And Overhead Irrigation Available For Approx 5 Hectares

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

casa de ttrabajo..
ranch pastures..
Eden Pasture..
Mexico´s only US Board Certified Myofascial Trigge..
Ranch entry..

Contact - More Information

Gil Romero - Agroaquaculture Yucatan
Phones:   52-986-114-9624  (Gil when has signal. 100% bilingual)
52-986-106-6813  (Usually available. Span/Eng.)
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