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This is the beach in front of the properties..
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Residential Commercial For Sale in Monkey River Town, Toledo, Belize

Price Reduced On Subdividable; Financed Beach 5 & 20 Acres

Asking Price: $160,000 - $175,000 USD  (Negotiable - Financing Available)






We have decided not to subdivide it ourselves HOWEVER, IT IS SUBDIVIDIBLE AND APPROVED IN PRINCIPAL

I am agent for the 20 acres, which I used to own and am more familiar with.

This untouched beach property has over 950 feet of frontage!!! We were going to subdivide into three parcels each parcel with 300 PLUS, feet of frontage. HOWEVER if you wish,it can be divided into smaller parcels, just takes longer for the approvals as due to Covid the staffing at the government offices is reduced and though the general plans have been approved there is no paperwork in place.

I do go on and on here but I am hoping to address most of the questions I have been asked over the years.

All of the parcels ( four are already sold), are on the beach/shore. They are situated between Monkey River Town and Punta Negra. This may be the only place other than the Cayes where the sand is natural not "trucked in"

Titles, Registrations and Property taxes are all current to July 01 2022. The Registration, Title Searches, and tax records are available to view thus no nasty surprises often encountered when purchasing in a foreign country.

The upside of these parcels. Beautiful pristine beaches, close enough to amenities, transportation, shopping and airports BUT far enough away to have privacy, and create your own dream resort, beach bar, scuba school, write the great novel, or do absolutely nothing, just watch the coconuts grow.

OR if you have always wanted those cabanas on the beach and your own beach bar we previously had Resort approval for a small resort which thus would likely be available again.

Whatever you can imagine you can create All it takes is a dream, some elbow grease, a sense of humour, patience, and a plan to live in that travel poster, or calendar page you are enchanted with.


With the ongoing issues with Covid we now have a very reputable agent, ex-pat Canadian, resident in Belize for the last 21 years and who is very familiar with the quirks of paperwork in Belize. She is extremely honest, reliable and very efficient. She is far less expensive than law offices for such things as paying taxes, submitting applications; following up on projects etc. even going and getting you updated pictures or tracking down information. The website is Do Dis / Do Dat

She can also answer questions I have missed addressing here. Please contact her on Facebook at Do Dis / Do Dat Please ask for Christine


Transferring funds through paypal is secure, less expensive than Western Union and much faster than sending any funds through the Central Bank of Belize OR wiring through your bank. Funds are there in minutes to hours and completely traceable. While land purchases should always go through a law office there are a myriad of small fees or inquiries that this person can and will do. an example A law office will charge around $100 USD to do a Title Search AND that might take a couple of weeks. With the elf you will likely have the information within a few days If you are considering a range of possible errands, that fee can add up with a law office. Our lady will do it faster and have all the information you need to make an informed decision within 2 to 5 days depending on urgency. Once a decision to purchase is made the law office will do a final Title Search before registering your Deed.


Belize is a British Commonwealth Country, and as such the first language is English, and all documents are in English, as is the schooling. All business transactions are based on British Civil and Common Law, as they are in Canada and the US. The banks are Barclays, Bank of Belize and Bank of Nova Scotia. Belize, as yet does not have disclosure treaties with any other country, thus offshore is also a consideration and quite easy to put together as is creating a business. Perhaps half a day each. If pursuing these ideas you SHOULD engage a reputable lawyer in Belize and now Do Dis Do Dat can, with a letter of Authority represent you. We will provide reputable vetted references regarding law offices. And of course you can deal directly with the law offices of your choice, there are many, and yes they are 'real lawyers'!!

Belize has a number of Incentive Programs offered to Ex Pats, Retirees and Investors. These programs offer tax free or tax reduced opportunities to create a small business, purchase property, and import materials and personal goods at reduced or duty free rates. It is worth spending some time researching those opportunities to determine which is the best plan for you and yours. I am not sure if it is there anymore but there used to be a Free Trade Zone at the Belize Mexico border near Chetumal.

The other languages spoken are Kreole amongst the locals, and Spanish helps with the land workers. Neither Kreole or Spanish is required but will become helpful the longer you are "in country".

Racially and Nationality welcoming, Belize is racially, I would say a very mixed country, reflecting every shade of complexion, and that may well be within one family! There is a large Asian and South Asian population, and the first generation in Belize Caucasians seem to be mainly British, Canadian and American. Belize is NOT a WASP country. I say first generation because Belize does not have any laws or attitude that discourages mixed marriages.

There are also, a couple of somewhat separate communities of Garifuna villages or Mennonite settlements. In my times there I noted that everyone tends to interact easily, with each other, on a day to day basis. If there is a discord between parties it is based on personal conflict rather than preconceived notions about race or religion or orientation.

The largest Mennonite settlement is called Spanish Lookout and is situated in the central Belize, Cayo District. There are also a couple of smaller settlements in the south, near Punta Gorda. The few Garifuna Villages are located in Central Coastal Belize and there are a few Mayan Villages also in south Central Belize. Each of these identities has a very interesting history and very much form the parts of Belize that make it so unique within its placement in predominantly Latin Central America. Spanish Lookout is the place to purchase most large goods and appliances as the prices are reasonable and often they will deliver. In our time there we found Belize City to be a little more expensive. However that may have changed as Belize city has grown substantially.

Belize is also welcoming to, as far as I am aware, all religions though it is predominantly Christian. In the smaller villages it seems as if the whole village follows one particular church, Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Seventh Day Islam etc. I figure this is reflective of the most recent Missionaries that visited. Church buildings are not abundant as often meetings are held outside or in a local gathering place. I did see a Kingdom Hall in Belize City. However I don't recall seeing a Temple, a Mosque or a Synagogue.


This area is as yet, untouched by tourist hordes, Those that live in the area treasure their surroundings and what it offers. Solitude, abundant assorted wildlife, sea-life and views most of us have only imagined.

While there, we had a pet armadillo, a visiting, and ancient leatherback tortoise, and daily enjoyed the parrots flying over, the pelicans splashing like large thrown rocks, and the howlers in the distance. The sea-life offered sea-rays, dolphins, manatee and the occasional Orca. It is a lobster stronghold, so you can, in season, dive in the clear waters and grab a lobster for supper or toss a line and catch a fish or two. Seriously.

If you need a touch of tourist or nightlife, Placencia provides both, and is only 40 minutes away by slow boat. We had a 26 foot skiff with a 40 hp engine, and went all over the coast with it including Guatemala and Belize City.

There is a small grocery store in Monkey River for quick items like milk, bread, eggs or some veggies. If you fancy a beer or a more serious drink it is a twenty minute walk down the beach or 5 minutes by skiff. For larger grocery needs, or materials such as lumber there is Placencia, Punta Gorda, and Independence. Placencia, and Independence (Big Creek) are about 40 minutes and Punta Gorda about 90 minutes by skiff. By comparison to drive to these areas would take far longer. Punta Gorda about 2 and a half hours and Placencia about 4 hour hours. All of these towns have Airports, Doctors, Dentists, hospitals or clinics. banking, government offices and public transportation to Belize City and beyond. From Belize city you can fly to Houston in about 2 hours and Miami about three.

There are multiple international Airlines such as Southwest; Alaska; American; Westjet; and Delta plus two domestic airlines, Tropic Air and Maya serving Belize.

The possible downside, depending on your outlook is that the property is only accessible by boat, as the properties back onto Payne's Creek Reserve, a National Park but without any roads current or planned. It is far less expensive to use the sea-highway. The sea highway, requires no maintenance, does not flood or wash out in the wet, is prettier and cooler. You can also walk the beach in about 20 minutes BUT to bring any large amount of goods you will either need your own boat or hire a boat from Monkey River Village to the property. We had a skiff but I would also suggest an old Pontoon Boat as a floating barge for large supplies such as lumber or larger appliances.

To the south a few miles is a very large Marine Preserve, created circa 1999. In the last 20 years or so the area around Monkey River and to the south has become world renowned for fly fishing. And for added serenity, just around the bay at Punta Negra is the quite large Ycacos (ee-kack-oes) Lagoon. A canoe or kayaker's happy place.

There is a road into Monkey River from the main highway if you choose to have a road vehicle too. The public road goes through large mango and orange plantations and ends at a turnaround and small dock across the river from the village of Monkey River Town. We used to keep a pick up truck there and just boat back and forth between the property and the village if we needed to go inland. Otherwise the skiff was the mode of travel. This area of Belize is still protected by the southern end of the reef, so waters are generally calm

If you arrive at the turn around and do not have your own boat but wish to go into the village you need to honk your horn or yell (it is called hailing in Belize). Someone will come across and pick you up, or, often there are children playing on the beach and they will fetch someone or come and get you themselves. It is not unusual in the small coastal towns to see 8 or 10 year old children operating the skiffs for small errands.

As noted previously, there are no roads to the property, thus no powerlines. For power you can purchase a gas/diesel generator, or use wind and or solar. Solar is the way to go now as it is easily assembled and shipped around. Water, for drinking and cooking is usually collected during the "wet" or rainy season. Water barrels and cisterns are easily acquired or built. Or you can simply buy the big bottles of water available in all the surrounding towns, and swim/bathe in the sea. We used 45 gallon plastic barrels for our drinking and cooking water (easy to clean and don't rust). If you live there year round you will need to have a cistern to collect the water in the "wet". As there is virtually no pollution in the area the water is truly crystal clear. Often I had to touch the surface to determine the depth.

As far as I am aware cell phones even work in the immediate area now. Everyone has a cell phone as it is much cheaper than the landlines, which are sometimes available and sometimes working.

As I am sure, anyone researching Belize knows, the reef is the second largest "LIVING" Reef in the world. Check out the Blue Hole.

I can go on and on so I will stop here, hoping that I have addressed most of the questions that I am usually asked BUT I INVITE you to ask any of your own questions. While I do want to sell the property due to health and age reasons, I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge, experience and ability as opposed to a "sales" answer. We ARE NOT realtors.

I have posted a number of pictures on this site but also have shareable and more extensive GOOGLE albums and I just need your email in order to share them with you. One albums shows the beach as it comes and goes over the years. It has been as narrow as 15 feet and as wide as about a 100 feet. It is important to be aware of this action so that you are not disappointed in a "narrow" year.

I also have Google Earth screenshots showing the position of the parcels on the 8 mile sandy stretch between Monkey River and Punta Negra. If you wish to do your own plotting on Google Earth I will share the co-ordinates for the assorted parcels. These plotings will show you the general location of the properties in their relationship to each other, villages, towns and roads they are not exact when plotted on an interactive map. But the overview on Google Earth will indicate the entire area often with the names of the towns

Though it has been listed for about four years all the parcels have sold over the last 20 months. As far as I am aware, you can no longer buy a home for $160,000 anymore. This is 20 acres, 950 feet of sandy frontage on the Caribbean Sea, warm winds, palm trees, and serenity. My cell is 1-360-888-7220 and you could be the new owners of your own dream by Independence Day, and for Canadians Dominion Day!!!!

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Monkey River Town
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20 Acres
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Features - Amenities

  • Ocean Waterfront
  • Bare Land
  • Clear Titles
  • Sub-Dividable
  • Financing Available

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This is the beach in front of the properties..
Clearing at the three parcels once scrub is remove..
This is the skiff that everyone uses for work or p..
Undergrowth on parcel 5 cleared out May 2014All ..
First clearing 1998 It had not been cleared for o..
All parcels from the sea closer range 2017..
This is the sand under the ground cover..
Beach in front of properties Feb 2020..
Beach July 2012 Parcels 4 & 5 in front of group 2..
In front of parcel 5 looking north 2012..
Plot Plan 20 acres Sea side 900' back end 590' lon..
Beach in front of Parcel 1 and 5 Parcel ! has the ..
The picture shows the dune at shoreline It is thes..

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