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View from Atalaya port to the last Andes Mountain loops and the majestic Madre de Dios River...
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Amazon Rainforest In Southern Peru For Sale in Manu, Cusco-Madre De Dios, Peru

404 Acres Lot Of Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. €550 Per Acre.

Asking Price: 550 €  (Negotiable)

We are now selling our 404 acres of Amazon Rainforest Lot located in Manu district, Manu province, Madre de Dios Region – Perú. The location is in the south-east part of Perú close to the Bolivian border. Price is Euros €550 per Acre.

Hectares 163.7553 (404.6481 acres)
The property is 690 meters (2263 feet) wide and 2500 meters (8202 feet) long. Within the property there is 2 hectares (4,9 acres) of pasture. Average terrain altitude is 432 masl (1417 feet).

Google map coordinates:
12°33'25.3"S 71°10'25.3"W

  • 12.557028, -71.173694
From the property to:
a. Manu National Park Reserve Zone: 1.5 hours by motorboat.
b. Manu airplane landing field (local airport) 1 hours by motorboat. From here you can flight in small airplanes to Cusco or to Puerto Maldonado and from here to the rest of the world.
c. Amarakaeri Communal Reserve is at 6 hours walking from the property east-wise in jungle path, this is for adventure and expedition activities.
d. The next village is Puerto Nuevo Eden from where you will find small grocery land transport to Salvacion town (district capital town) and to Cusco.
e. The next hospital with doctors and nurses is at 30 min by car (18 km) or 30 min by motorboat from the property.

1. From Lima, Peru’s capital: 1.5 hours flight to Cusco and from Cusco either by small flight (45 min. flight) or by truck (10-12 hours’ drive).
2. From Cusco you can also take public transport to Salvacion town (9-10 hours) and from here to the property in truck (2-3 more hours).
3. From Cusco there are local flight companies offering 3 times a week public flights to Manu, this is 45 min. flight and from here, its 1.5 hours motorboat transport along the Madre de Dios River.
4. You can access to property by boat along the Madre de Dios River from Puerto Maldonado or from Atalaya.
5. You can access the property by local bus from Lima to Cusco and from Cusco to the property.
6. You can also access by public small flights and there is also a possibility of chartering planes to whatever dates it suits you best.
The road crossing by the property is a new affirmed dirt road and its part of an annex to the main road uniting the Atlantic Ocean (from Brazil) with the Pacific Ocean (Lima, Peru).

Area description:
Bordering with Manu National Park and the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve, the property is part of the local tourism and agricultural association called Nuevo Eden with 20 members (we are member number 3).

The nearby neighbors are local families working in small agricultural production.

The property front side limits with the Alto Madre de Dios River. The back side of the property limits/borders with National Territories which belonging to the Peruvian Government and are for intangible uses as well as buffer zone for Amarakaeri Communal Reserve.

There is a Native Community (which was set up only 26 years ago, as before they were nomads) call Shipiteari, people living here belongs to the ethnical group of Matshigengas. The Native Community is just 20 minutes by boat from the Lodge at the other side of the Alto Madre de Dios River.

There are some locals practicing timber nearby but not in big scales and always with legal permits.

Nature and biodiversity:
a. Manu is a bird paradise, easy to spot up to 7 types of primates of the 13 living in the area. Rodents and big mammals as tapirs, giant river otters and jaguars live also in this area.
b. Landscape around the property is on the end of the subtropical rainforest and beginning of the Amazon Basin Rainforest. The last mountains to be seen from the property are the west Andes Mountain Range, some of them are up to 1200 meters high. The property terrain altitudes vary between 430 and 200 masl.
c. The Alto Madre de Dios River is an affluent of the Madre de Dios River which passed by Puerto Maldonado city in Peru, crosses along the northern part of Bolivia and them enters into Brazil as an affluent of the for final ending as an affluent of the great Amazon River.
d. At the property, the forest is typical primary forest with high trees up to 40 – 50 meters. About 300 meters from the pasture area in north-west direction the terrain has a des-level of about 20 meters, this change of level even when its only 20 meters difference, it give us a more dry soil and secondary forest, this is what in the Amazon basin we call "altura" or higher Amazon plateau.
e. At few meters from the property pasture there is an small river crossing along the property (from side to side) with clear water. There are not lakes nearby the property but many small lakes few hours walk into the Amazon.
f. There is a yearly land tax of around 400 dollars. In an eventually deal the buyer pay the buy/sell documentation and we the sellers deliver the land with all taxes update and paid.

Our Amazon Rainforest property has also a have potential to supply prime material (exquisite amazon) for scientific or medicinal research and studies. For example, the creating of a botanical garden will make of this property the only one in the Region of Manu with a botanical garden. That is to mention only one example of its so many possibilities and potentialities.


Ronald & Tine Pezo.
Direct owners.

P.S. We are also open to an exchange.
We have video from the property - contact us and we will send it to you.

About This Property

Cusco-Madre De Dios
For Sale By:
Construction Year:
404 Acres
Parking Spaces:

Features - Amenities

  • Direct Access By Road From Lima To Cusco And From Cusco To The Property.
  • Direct Access To The Alto Madre De Dios River At The Property Front Side.
  • Great Potential For Organic Plantations As Cocoa, Banane, Etc.
  • Great Potential For Farming.
  • Plenty Water Sources.

Pictures  (click to view a larger image)

View from Atalaya port to the last Andes Mountain ..
Tourist map of Many region. Look the proximity of ..
This is the affirmed dirt road coming from Cusco t..
ALto Madre de Dios River and the Road to Cusco..
Alto Madre de Dios River at the property front sid..
Back side of the property, as you can see, its onl..
Camping at the property...
Trails at the property..

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Ronald Pezo
Phones:   0046760461860
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