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Lot/Land For Sale in St Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles

Beautiful Lot For Sale

Lot for sale. Lot is 2 acres (8000 M2) and may be subdivided. $40 per M2.

Sint Eustatius was discovered by Columbus in 1493, but changed hands no less than 22 times before eventually being owned by the Dutch. In the meantime, the French, English and Dutch eagerly sought to take advantage of the strategic location of this tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. Today, Sint Eustatius offers you plenty of opportunities to plunge into its rich and eventful past.

Statia proudly boasts a cultural landscape sprinkled with people of 52 nationalities from around the world – people who now call Statia home.
Vacationing here is akin to embarking on an exciting cultural journey.

Nature abounds on Statia, so bird-watchers and nature-lovers will delight in its wealth of flora and fauna. As a sustainable, relaxing vacation destination, Statia maintains the protection of its natural land and marine environments for the enjoyment of future generations.

Diving in the Caribbean? Think of Statia!
Sint Eustatius offer divers an underwater utopia which wraps an impressive 27 km around its coast. This protected marine reserve harbors the rare biodiversity of eight different ecosystems that remain completely intact. Strict environmental rules allow access to only 36 of the richly diverse dive sites to ensure protection of its inhabitants. Wallow in the depths of the quiet, scenic surroundings on your dive and see things you’ve only dreamt of. Statia is one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean!
Hiking trails
“Hiking” to heaven on Statia
A visit to Statia is only complete after hiking the trails on the island. One thing can be agreed upon about the adventurous paths: an unprecedented diversity of vegetation. Cacti and shrubs dominate the lower parts. The farther up you go, the greener and more colorful the plants and flowers become.

Climbing The Quill is an absolute “must” when visiting Statia. At the highest point the view of the neighboring islands is phenomenal. Then comes the descent into the crater. Here, giant trees and colorful flowers grow in a world all their own. Watch critters scurry over the forest floor, push a Colocasia leaf (elephant ear) aside and new discoveries reveal themselves.

The Quill: a tropical, pocket-sized rainforest
The absolute highlight of St. Eustatius is “The Quill”. This dormant volcano dates back to a later period than the other volcanoes, leaving it much less affected by erosion.

The Quill, an English interpretation of the Dutch word for “pit”, is perfectly symmetrical. The gently rolling hills rise majestically from the landscape to a height of almost 2,000 feet (600 meters) above sea level. There, it reveals a mysterious crater that is completely overgrown with a tropical, pocket-sized rainforest. At the heart of the crater lianas, orchids, and sweet smelling bromeliads fight throughout the yearly seasons for a splash of sunlight. The floor is covered with ferns, the tree trunks with silky mosses.

The Crater
The crater contains semi-tropical rainforest; an intriguing hiking expedition that attracts hundreds of visitors each year. After you have made the ascent to the crater rim, catch your breath and relax at the lookout, Explore the verdant lush tropical rainforest, nestled within its enormous crater. Inside the crater you can enjoy gazing up at the gigantic silk cotton and fruit trees that tower the canopy. Woody lianas hang down from above, while various types of fungi spring from the ground. Peek under a rock and you might find a frog, spider or other fascinating creatures. This is a place to come and enjoy, take photos and relax before making the ascent back to the rim.

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St Eustatius
Netherlands Antilles
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