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Apartment For Sale in Primorsko, Bulgaria

Prestige City II Primorsko


Asking Price: 37,143 € - 203,496 €

Time fixed for finalizing construction: Block A - December 2006; Block B - June 2007

Area: from 41,27 sq.m. to 221,08 sq.m.
Price: from 37 143 EUR to 203 496 EUR
Basic Location: Fine apartments at extremely advantageous prices in the cozy scenic sea vacation town of PRIMORSKO. The 4th biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the most beautiful - Bourgas - is just 52 km away with a port and an air-port available. Lots of amazingly picturesque sea resort towns nearby - Sozopol, Kiten, Tzarevo!

We offer you fine modern apartments for your own holiday home in sunny Bulgaria! Take advantage of the attractive prices and invest your money wisely now!

The sea, the beach strip and the spectacular scenery have never seemed so close and tempting! PRESTIGE CITY II in Primorsko is a resort complex, located in a heavenly recess endowed by Mother Nature with all of its natural wealth and beauty illustrated by a perfect combination of the sea, forests, mountains, a river, and the lake countryside! The realization and the management of the building process is given to a prestigious building company which has gained a good name in this business. The company is highly specialized in new buildings, project-making and reconstructing, equipments, interior design. It works mostly with Bulgarian materials according to European standards and fulfills all kinds of construction and repair works. The company has also participated in the construction of residential buildings, hotels, shops, reconstructions of buildings, repairs of luxurious houses and apartments. The town of Primorsko is a sea-recreational resort, with the International Youth Centre located in its surroundings which is the reason why it is a centre of youth tourism. It is found 6 km to the north of the lovely little town of Kiten, 52 km to the south of Bourgas, and 442 km to the south-east of Sofia. It is located on a cape jutting out between the Stamopolo Bay and the Devilish Bay where the natural landscapes change like film pictures alternating spacious sand beeches with picturesque hills, and also the tropical vegetation in the delta of the Ropotamo River with the bizarre rocky formations of the Strandja Mountain. The old village built in this place in the past was called Chenger and Kjuprija later on. Primorsko is characterized by a unique combination of a hilly and low mountainous relief, indented by picturesque river valleys and various coast forms and second as a unique combination of sea and broad-leaved oak and beech forest. The total area of the beaches comes up to about 1 square km half of which is occupied by protected dunes. The natural reserve Ropotamo including the protected territories such as Arkutino, Water Lilies, Sea Wormwood and the Stamopulo Marsh is located close by. Through the surroundings of the town the Ropotamo River and the Devilish River pass. The Devilish River receives its waters from the Devilish Lake whose level is below sea. The homonymous bay forming the river and the lake has firth features, namely swamps covered with reed and crimson. The Ropotamo River is formed through joining of two small rivers - the Tserovska and the Rosenska. In its lower stream the Ropotamo overflows its banks at a width of 30-50 metres. The region around the mouth is the Natural Park Ropotamo with its rocky phenomena such as Lion Head and Dragon House and 6 kilometres away the river is navigable. In the Ropotamo Reserve unique tropical vegetation - the only one of its kind in Europe - can be found. The remarkable Butter Cape with its fantastic false fiords is situated in Primorsko. A convenient way for travelling to Primorsko and its surroundings are chartered and regular flights to the Bourgas Airport. This year in the Primorsko region an airport for small airplanes mostly chartered with up to 24 seats has been started. For motor transport fans there is an active transport system. The microclimate is transitional - moderate to subtropical-mild, dry with minimal rainfall in summer. The mean temperature in July is 27 degrees centigrade but it often reaches 30C -33C. The beach strip is 4.5 kilometres long. It is covered with mild, golden, and fine sand. The sea water in summer is warm and calm with mean temperature of 25C-26C in July. The sea bottom is smooth and sandy and the bay is shallow. The air is fresh - favourable combination of high atmospheric pressure, humidity and air temperature. There is predominantly sunny weather from April to October. The duration of the day is 13-15 hours. The sun is active 8-11 hours per day. Landmarks worth seeing in the region are: the Strandja National Park, the Ropotamo Reserve with the Ropotamo River, the "Lion Head" and the "Cheerful Rock" formations, the "Water Lilies" in the mouth of the Ropotamo River. Some rare plants characteristic of the Mediterranean flora and the "Sand Lily" and the corkwood tree are to be found as well as a great number of wild animals. In the surroundings of Primorsko the ancient Thracian village of Urdovitsa is located. Within the confines of the "Ropotamo" one can find unique articles - for example, a Thracian dolmen. There are such unique Strandja villages as Brushlyan (Ivy), Bulgari (Bulgarians) and Gramatikovo with unique and original architecture. Here we offer you top a quality apartment resort complex located in this virgin paradise nature. Prestige City II is a residential complex, consisting of two different in size corpuses / the main one - Corpus A and the smaller one - Corpus B /architecturally designed in a modern contemporary style, surrounded by lawns and places for rest and entertainment, with a remarkably scenic view from the flats overlooking the beach strip, the sea tract and the natural sights around. The terrain is located in the front line in the middle of a spacious, 4.5-kilometre-long beach strip covered with the sand dunes. Prestige City II complex is being constructed on a non-built up terrain situated in an attractive forest land called "The Sands". The terrain combines the presence of unique natural gifts with unique microclimate joining together the coolness of a century-old oak forest and the heat of the gently burning sun rays and offering calm, active and a full valued rest! On the east the terrain directly adjoins the sea strip and the sand dunes, and the picturesque and wide valley of the river exotically named "Devilish" on the north. The eastern slopes with bizarre rock formations of the Strandja Mountain rise next to the river. On the west the terrain borders on the Devilish Lake which takes the name of the river and they both form the same named bay that has firth features, namely swamps overgrown with reed and crimson. Picturesque lowland comes next to the lake. The International Yout Centre is located in the middle of a century-old oak forest which is its southern boundary. This heavenly recess where all natural gifts of Mother Nature get together (the beach strip, sand dunes, sea tract, mountain, forest, river and lake valley) and where the new residential complex PRESTIGE CITY II will be situated, offers the future owners and visitors a successful combination of sea-recreational, cognitive and country tourism. The wide beach strip with sand dunes, the warm and pure sea, and the unforgettable awareness of closeness with nature leave behind the memory of a terrific vacation. In addition to all the natural gifts, the first floor of the central corpus will offer the guests and owners in the complex a variety of services and a lot of entertainment to enrich their daily activities. The terrain covers an area of 8 decares out of which the unfolded built area is approximately 18 800 square metres distributed as follows: Floor area, including 151 apartments - 10 studios, 80 1-bedroom, 58 2-bedroom, 2 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom apartment with a summer garden, situated in five living floors and two attics in each of the both corpuses. Shared areas and places for fun and entertainment inside the buildings are located on the first floor of the main building. The two corpuses include 5 floors plus two attics. Four entrances to the central building are provided: the first one is on the west facade, the second one (the central entrance) is on the south-west fa?ade; there are two entrances on the south facade as well as two entrances leading to the small corpus on the west facade. Disabled people can have access to the building under the terms of the Ordinance # 6 from the year 2003. The vertical communication among the floors and corpuses is accomplished by means of 4 staircase cells with 4 scenic elevators in the central corpus and 2 staircase cells with side lighting and two more scenic elevators in the small corpus. In each entrance in the small or central corpus there are two floor platforms serving from 3 to 6 flats at the most which guarantees calmness, convenience and isolation of the owners and the visitors as well. CORPUS "A" - on each second, third and fourth residential floor there are 21 flats with different area and number of rooms including studios, two, three and four-roomed flats. On the first floor is located only one 2-bedroom apartment. The fifth floor has 13 different flats, while the attic 1 has 6 spacious apartments and attic 2 contains 4 flats. The total number of the apartments in corpus A is 87 - studios - 8 ap., 1-bedroom - 41 ap., 2-bedroom - 38 ap. CORPUS "B" - on the first floor there are 11 apartments, on the 2nd and 3th floor - 13 apartments on each, on the 4th floor are located 12 apartment, on attic 1 - 4 spacious apartments and on attic 2 - 4 apartments. On each floor the apartments are with different sq.m., direction and view. On attic 1 is located one 4-room apartment with a wonderful summer garden and a great view to the whole beautiful and unique area. We give you the opportunity to use your capitals rationally and wisely by purchasing a brand new luxury summer home in the very fast developing area of the Bulgarian south Black Sea Coast - the area of Primorsko District - with the perspective to give back your deposits and also to gain stable and growing incomes. We can also manage your investment by concluding agreements with touroperators on the English, Scandinavian, Russian and German market and by filling your property when you are not using it. Take this opportunity to invest respectively and to guarantee yourself growing incomes in this developing business!

For maintenance of your property you have to pay a one-year maintenance fee which will be used for:

  • Maintenance of the yard (inner) communications (electric and water supply and sewerage) and repair of their possible damages;
  • Maintenance of the outside water facilities (swimming pools, etc.);
  • Keeping clean the territory of the apartment complex: entrance staircases, swimming pools, grass areas, walks, recreational areas, children's playgrounds, as well as the car parking places;
  • Maintenance of the complex green areas and the trees;
By request and against additional payment the following services can be provided:

  • cleaning and ventilation of the apartments all year round.
  • repairs of the apartments.
  • payment of the overhead expenses for the apartments, such as taxes, electricity, water etc.
  • furnishing of the apartments.
  • other services, needed by the owners or their guests for their comfortable stay.
Hurry up and do not miss to buy one of these top attractive apartments at really advantageous prices! You will be surrounded by picturesque virgin nature and you will surely spend your best summer vacations ever in your perfect holiday home!


Complex facilities:
  • Restaurant
  • Shops
  • Supermarket
  • Lobby-bar
  • Kindergarten
  • Pool table club
  • Souvenir shop
  • Cosmetic, massaging and hairdressing saloon
  • Offices and a reception
  • An outdoor pool - for kids and adults and a jacuzzi
  • A SPA centre with an indoor pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a vapour bath, and fitness
  • Places for recreation and sports activities out-side the bodies
  • Playground for children
  • Grass plots and garden lighting
  • Checkpoint - entrance barrier with non-stop security and a stone fence
  • Car places - all necessary car places are available
Apartment completion details
  • flooring - terracotta tiles;
  • wall - latex painted;
  • ceiling - latex painted.
  • floorings - terracotta tiles;
  • walls - tiled to the ceiling;
  • ceiling - latex painted;
  • electric boiler/heater;
  • sanitary equipment - toilette bowl, wash-basin and water mixing tap, shower cabin/curtain or bath
  • accessories - bathrobe, circle towel rail, toilet paper rail, toilet brush;
  • upper and lower cupboard.
Living rooms
  • floor - laminated parquet/ terracotta tiles;
  • walls - latex painted;
  • ceiling - latex painted;
  • Air-conditioning (for winter and summer use);
  • PVC double glazing windows;
  • possibility for telephone, Internet and cable TV.
  • floor - carpet/laminated parquet/ terracotta tiles;
  • walls - latex painted;
  • ceiling - latex painted;
  • PVC double glazing windows;
  • possibility for telephone, Internet and cable TV.
Kitchen Box
  • flooring - terracotta tiles/ laminated parquet;
  • walls - latex painted;
  • ceiling - latex painted;
  • kitchen cupboards, wash-basin and kitchen plot.
  • floorings - terraccota tiles;
  • walls - latex painted/ plaster.
Maintenance of gardens, swimming-pools and communal areas

The maintenance of the communal areas of the building will be provided by the investor as the annual fee is 7 EUR per sq.m.

What would this fee cover?

  • 24-hour security of the complex by organizing the necessary barrier regime;
  • Maintenance of the yard (outside) communications (electricity, water system) and elimination of eventual damages on them;
  • Maintenance of the outer facilities (swimming-pools, children playgrounds, jacuzzi);
  • Maintenance of the cleanliness of the complex ground as well as the parking places and the car garages (not including the rubbish gathering which is a task of the local municipality companies);
  • Maintenace of the green areas of the complex;
  • Maintenance of the trees and shubbery
Complete Maintenance and Property Management

First class property management service is provided by our partners “Property Management” Ltd. who are the leading Bulgarian company in the sphere. The annual management fee is 500 EUR.

Which services does this management fee include?

  • Qualified personnel of electricians, cleaning staff, gardeners and security companies which provide the maintenance of the property. The maintenance consists of: partial repairs, regular cleaning, refreshment, making of beds, airing of the rooms, linen and towel laundry, bathroom tile cleaning, window washing, carpet and furniture cleaning.
  • Organization of different marketing campaigns, on local, as well as on international level; keeping contacts with well known tour operators and travel agencies, with the purpose of the renting out of the property.
  • Co-operation to the clients, which includes meeting at the airport / railway station, giving and taking keys.
  • Registration of the tenants as foreign citizens in the local police station, as required by the law.
  • Co-operation and making of an insurance of a real estate against any possible risks, such as burglaries, earthquakes, floods and fires – a necessary requirement of the local administration.
  • Cooperation and issuing of health insurance or life insurance of the tenants.
  • Organisation of the issuing of any categorization papers and all the documents required by the law for having a license for short-term or long-term rent of the property, receiving the license from the municipality.
  • Constant communication with the owner of the property through weekly or monthly reports to keep him/her informed of future, past or present reservations, made expenditures, received incomes, as well as of any other important circumstances regarding the property
  • Payment of all bills for power and water supply, phone bills, cable TV, Internet subscription, payments to cleaning, maintenance and security companies.
  • Organisation and book-keeping of all documents
  • Issuing and receiving of invoices, drafts and receipts, bank documents for and from third-party providers, agencies, local authorities, state and public institutions.
  • Annual financial completion of the company as well as submitting the annual tax statement at the local tax office.
  • Organisation and payment of the all local taxes and fees, as well as property rent taxes and other income.
  • Web access to the bookings made for your apartment by the tour operator so that you can check the availability for yourself, friends and family. You can also check your rental income.
  • Representation of the property owner, protection of his/her rights and execution of his/her will before any and all third-party state or public institutions and service providers.

Owners who wish to get a return of the investment they have made by letting their property for rent can do so by using the services of our partners “Property Management” Ltd. who are the leaders in this field in Bulgaria. The “Prestige City” II apartment complex is located in the sea resort town of Primorsko nearby the wide beach strip woth fine sand dunes, close to the warm clean sea pf the Devil bay. The apartments are surrounded by centuries-old beech and oak forests, a river valley and scenic mountain hills. The town of Primorsko is famous for its gorgeous nature, picturesque and romantic as it is being encircled by the Strandja Mountain all around. The town is in proximity to the lovely sea resort town of Sozopol and to the South – to the 4th biggest city in Bulgaria – Bourgas.
Primorsko is well-known for being the place preferred by young people. Here they find the best amenities for rest at very affordable prices. There are numerous fancy cafes, discotheques, cozy restaurants, bars and pastry shops, a summer open-air theatre and sport playgrounds for the tourists. The atmosphere in this small sea town is very pleasant as it is an international youth centre attracting students from all over the world. The resort is constantly being renovated and beautiful modern buildings for recreation are being constructed, with the best amenities available for sport and tourism. Primorsko is also well preferred for its ten-kilometre long beach with fine golden sands. This is one of the longest and most attractive beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea seaside. The climate resembles that of the Mediterranean and is characterized by sunny and warm summer days, freshened by the pleasant sea breezes and the coolness of the forests nearby. The nights are delicately cool too, quite enjoyable and relaxing. These unique nature conditions guarantee excellent rest and a long holiday season. All this leads us to the fact that letting an apartment in the Prestige City II complex is easy not just in the active winter season but also during the whole year. The return of such investment is fast and almost without any risk and the company “Property Management” Ltd offer this to you through the Letting Management service.

What does the Letting Management service include?

  • “Property Management” Ltd. as your tour-operator accommodates tenants for a short term as well for longer one.
  • Through its marketing department it runs different advertising campaigns on local as well as international level through the press, the internet web, brochures, presentations in international show programs, etc. It keeps in contact with famous international tour-operators such as Balkan Holidays, TUI, Solvex, Neckerman, Neilson, First Choice and others which will direct their tourists to the Prestige City II apartments.
  • Cooperating the tenants which includes meeting them at the airport / the train-station, incoming and out-going key services.
  • “Property Management” Ltd is in constant contact with the property owner by keeping him/ her informed for present, past and future reservations, as well as the rent sums.
  • Fixed tariffs per night for short-term tenants. All current expenses at the short-term rent (electricity, water, cable TV, Internet) are at the expense of the owner.
  • Long-term rents are agreed upon additionally by the tenant and “Property Management” Ltd. as a representative of the property owner. Usually, when letting a property for a long period, the current expenses are paid by the tenant.
  • Practically, experience sofar shows that short-term rents provide higher income and the team of “Property Management” Ltd. expects that the Prestige City II apartments will give a minimum of 5 % return of the investment made during the 1st year and about 8 – 10 % during the 2nd one.

The sale shall be executed by a preliminary sale and purchase contract - the transfer in the notary's office shall be executed after the final settlement of payments between the parties.

Payments Options
I Variant II Variant III Variant
Deposit 2000 € 2000 € 2000 €

I payment 90% 40% 30%

Upon the signing of the preliminary contract
Upon the signing of the preliminary contract
Upon the signing of the preliminary contract

II payment - 40% 30%

Upon completion of the general building corpus
Upon completion of the general building corpus

III payment - 10% 30%

Upon reaching the ceiling of the corresponding corpus
Upon reaching the ceiling of the corresponding corpus

IV payment 10% 10% 10%

Upon receiving of the title deed
Upon receiving of the title deed
Upon receiving of the title deed


No commission fee for the buyer!

The prices depend on the payment plan, on the view/direction and on the floor number.

The prices include the jointly shared parts of the building right and the ideal part of the building. The whole built-up infrastructure of the complex - a pool, planting, alleys, fences, communications are also included into the price. The parking lot shall be paid extra.

The apartments in PRESTIGE CITY II PRIMORSKO are offered fully furnished!

The prices include FULL FURNISHING for:

the fully finished kitchenette - cupboards, an absorber, a fridge and two hot-plans, a sink and protecting board, a table with four chairs;

the living room - a small table, a TV board and TV 21", an extendable sofa and a stool, a chest and a small shelf-glass case;

the bedroom - 2 single beds, 2 bedside tables, a wardrobe, a mirror, a dresser;

if the architectural plan allows in the entrance hall can be put - a hall-tree and a shoes-press;

for the 2-bedroom and more rooms apartments in the second bedroom - a double bed, 2 bedside tables, a wardrobe, a mirror and a dresser.

The prices do not include VAT.

These fine apartments in a top modern complex with all facilities are offered at top advantageous prices! Invest your money wisely and enjoy your best summer vacations in your own new holiday home surrounded by the picturesquely virgin nature of sunny Bulgaria! Contact us now!

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