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Other Properties For Sale in Italy

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Monastery For Sale in Marche Ancona Italy

Enchanting Monastery - V003 MONASTERY The old monastery monastery dates back to the end of the XIII century ; every kind of reinforcement and system has been made over. The building is surrounded by the green hills of Marche, at the foot of the Appennino mountains, near the town of Sassoferrato, an interesting place for its art and its lovely landscape. The building is about 2400 square metres, located on three floors, included the surrounding ground; it has an excellent panoramic position near the Frasassi caves, few miles from the thermal waters and very close to a natural ...

Historic Villa Plus Buidings For Sale in Italy

$6,400,000 USD
Rome Property With A Lot Of Potential - The Historical and High-Value Property in Rome, Italy, located at the Famous and Ancient Street, Via Appia Antica, less than 2 miles from the Coliseum, surrounded by the Catacombs Of San Sebastiano and the Archaeological Park of Caffarella. The natural park, Vineyard and Orchard for a total of 166,668 square feet (15,000M2) There are also two warehouses, a small lake which has been built as a swimming pool and it can always be transformed, the VILLA BUILDING (3 Story Building), DEPENDENCE BUILDING (1 Story Building), ROUND DEPENDENCE BUILDING (2 Story Building), FIVE UNDERGROUND ROMAN ROOMS. Price: $6,400,000 USD More details and some pictures are ...

Country House For Sale in Italy

$70,000 USD
San Gervasio - RO18 SAN GERVASIO Country-house still to be restored placed in the green country-side of Marche. The area is about 340 square metres divided in two floors, most of them in stone. Near the house there are 2 goods sheds and nearby there is a rural stone building. The surrounding field is about 2 acres of woods and sowable ground. Light and telephone have to be still connected and water to be canalized. The building is 7 Km far from Fossombrone and 35 Km from the Adriatic ...

Country House For Sale in Marche Pesaro-Urbino Italy

$105,000 USD
Ca'Fabruccio - R014 - Ca'Fabruccio The building is placet in the country-side of Urbino in a panoramic location; the house is characterized by its structure in baked bricks, a typical material used in that land.It is divided in two floors with the main steps on the upper one and a lodge on the back side; the country-house can be changed into a lovely rural house. The available ground is 3000 square metres. The building is 3,5 Km far from the trunk road, 8 Km from Urbino and 40 Km from the Adriatic ...

Country House For Sale in Marche Pesaro-Urbino Italy

$60,000 USD
La Torre - R012 – La Torre Rural house made of stone and bricks , it is placed in the green country-side of Urbino; the building is shared in 2 floors with the possibility to re-build a lodge. The surrounding ground is 1 acre. Canalized water and light to be connected. The distance from Urbino is 7 Km; half an hour by car from the ...

Country House For Sale in Italy

Countryside Of Tuscany, (Italy) - 4 apartments (sleep 2, 4, 4, 4, ) obtained restoring an old stone farm-house, in a nice and green location, with marvelous landscape. Swimming-pool with panoramic view, self-catering accommodation. Children are ...

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