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International Real EstateInternational RentalsSell Your Italy Home Here!
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Homes For Sale in Italy

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Home For Sale in Marche Pesaro-Urbino Italy

$163,000 USD
Little House - CA010 – House of wood Casa di legno The house is about 200 square metres divided into 2 floors: on the ground floor there is the garage, the store-room and a kitchen, one lodge on the front side ond one on the back; on the first floor there is a kitchen, a living-room, a verandah and a bathroom; in the loft there are 2 bedrooms. Near the main building there are two goods sheds of about 110 square metres. The surrounding field is about 1,3 acres. The house is provided with all the fittings and services such as water, light, telephone and a gas and wood heating. The location is very panoramic and the place is attractive. The building is 3 Km far from the centre and 40 Km from the ...

Home For Sale in Marche Pesaro-Urbino Italy

$116,000 USD
Monte Vecchio - CA027 – Monte Vecchio Country-house still to be restored; the area is about 240 square metres divided in 2 floors, most of them in stone and wood. Near the building there are an old wood-oven and a well. The surrounding field is about 9000 square metres with fruit-trees and olive- trees. There are light and telephone only to be connected; water is provided by the town waterworks. The house is 11 Km far from Fossombrone and 40 Km from the Adriatic ...

Home For Sale in Emilia Romagna Italy

$300,000 USD
Re-Structured With Garden In Ancient Little Town - Restructured grond-sky independent house in historical centre of Bobbio. Bobbio is a very nice little town ( 2000 souls) in the Appennins mountain chain between the northen Italy land and the sea of Portofino (about 70 km distant). The town is an ancient Abbey in the high medio-evo and it was founded by the irish holy man Columba (San Colombano)in seventh century. The house has a garden in the back and two balcons on the front; three flats , beautiful seeing on the hills and the roofs of the abbey. The weather is perfect with warm summer and beautiful snow falls in december; The river Trebbia is wonderful and You can go for fly fishing without taking the car, just getting out home and takin a little walk. Hmm, thinking about, I'm not so sure to sell ...

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