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Paraguay Real Estate

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Agriculture For Sale in Asuncion, Paraguay

$65,000,000 USD
Amazing Soy Bean Farm Paraguay - 9151 hectares (22,615 acres) Amazing Soy Bean Farm! Located: North of Asuncion, Paraguay. Includes: All machinery, infrastructure, houses for employees and owner, cattle, silos. Produces: soy beans,rice, wheat, corn. Plenty of water. Elaborate Irrigation system. Offered at: $65 million USD Contact for more detailed information and ...

Land For Agriculture For Sale in Asuncion, Paraguay

$32,000,000 USD
12,918 Acre Prime Soy Bean Agriculture Land - Prime Soy Bean Agriculture Land: 12,918 acres ( 5200 has ) Soil is Red, excellent for growing soy beans, corn, wheat & sorghum. Land is surrounded by two sources of water. Wheat and corn are planted after soybean harvest. Land is in most productive area of Paraguay. Paraguay is known for its soy beans and is the 4th largest producer of soy beans in the ...

Farm/Ranch For Sale in Asuncion, Paraguay

$9,000,000 USD
Paraguay Cattle Ranch And Brick Factory - 2050 hectares (5,063 acres) Paraguay cattle ranch and brick factory. Located on main highway. There is plenty of land to increase the amount of cattle. There is approx. 1100 head of cattle on land now. Management will stay on to work brick factory and ranch. Brick factory set up and producing bricks. Monthly income of approx. $45,000 usd, with a production of 10,000 bricks per day. There are 2 clay quarries on land. One quarry is used to make bricks. Other quarry used to sell clay to other brick factories and has a life amount of 50 years and is 45 ft deep. These clay reserves are the largest in the area and are valued at between $15 and $20 million usd. It consists of about 1235 acres. The clay quarry used to sell to other brick factories has a income about $2,000 - $3,000 per day. Number of employees are 14 ...

Soy Bean Farm For Sale in Asuncion, Paraguay

$12,000,000 USD
Paraguay Soy Bean Farm Estate - Beautiful 1403 hectares (3465 acres) soy bean farm located in the region of best crop production per hectare. All equipment included, tractors, trucks, harvesting combines, etc. Plenty of water, river runs through property. Owners home is amazing, very large estate home. Contact for more ...

Home For Sale in Central Paraguay

$45,000 USD
More Homes Like This Available - In tranquill Paraguay you can live inexpensively in the city or in the country. We are ready to help you find a nice place to live far away from "civilization". Come on down and we'll help you plant new roots and get ...

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