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International Real EstateInternational RentalsSell Your Turkey Lot/Land Here!
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Lots/Land For Sale in Turkey

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Lot/Land For Sale in Antalya/ Finike Turkey

$250,000 USD
Lands For Sale In Finike Great Pricess!! - AMAZING PRICES for lands in Mediterenean side of TURKEY FINIKE ANTALYA Its an gorgeous city ANtalya famous oranges comes from FINIKE. These lands are selling from a owner that has an amazing price ranges. Please contact me! Finike The city was actually a living place for the Lycians in 5 BC. This area is still a destination for tourists passing through the Lycian way. Visitors can see the antique theatre, Xatabura memorial grave, houses on the slopes of the mountains. In the city, you will find how quiet it is and that their aren't many people who use cars. As a matter of fact, the locals prefer to use motorbikes and bikes as transportation. The city has many spots for you to enjoy its beaches.These lands views are wonderfull to have it for summer or winter. .Once ruled by Hellenistiks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans due to its location. If you are travelling town by town from the Mediterranean to the Aegean region, Finike should be considered as a stop. The ...

Lot/Land For Sale in Istanbul Turkey

$30,000 USD
The Best Villa Land In And Around Istanbul ! - Selected from more than 200 visited parcels in and around Istanbul ! This are the Two best ones ! Please vistit the URL ...

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